Zipping Above the Treetops with Koloa Zipline

Kauai ATV, the premier adventure company on Kauai for the past 15 years has added zipline tours to their list of adrenaline pumping, fun for the entire family, menu of thrilling activities. Their newest offering is Koloa Zipline. It is an unforgettable experience soaring in a mountain rain forest high above Poipu, and easily one of the best things to do in Kauai.

best things to do in kauai

Zipping Along the Tree Line

Their latest venture is exciting for the hospitality community of Poipu Kauai too. Another heart pounding activity close to world class Kauai accommodations. Now it’s possible to schedule a 9 am launch in a lush tropical forest and be on the beach at lunchtime baking in the Hawaiian sun.
The 3 and one half hour tour exceeded all of my expectations. Infusing a shot of confidence after that first step from a platform perched 30 feet above terra firma. It’s always about that first step. Then cruising among the canopies of giant trees with moss laden bark just out of reach.
Adventurous fun on oloa Zipline

Dustin Waves to Grandma and the Camera

Wait till you try the second stage of the course, majestically named Oahu. Each stage is named after a Hawaiian island, and it was the most memorable for me. It was the combination of launch height and length of zipline. While most tours have a single length of line at one thousand feet as their show stopper. Almost every stage in the Koloa Zipline course is greater than 1000 feet. The Oahu line measures more than 1700 feet. The ride lasts 40 seconds and once the initial rush of hurtling in the air subsided. A tranquility took over and I was able to look out upon this magnificent setting of varying shades of green against a background of blues on the distant horizon.

romantic things to do in kauai

The 1700′ Oahu Stage that Spans a Valley and Kisses the Treetops

Interwoven along the tour on the historic Grove Farm property our guides, Shawna and Jess shared stories of this land that saw the birth of the Hawaiian sugar industry in 1835. An industry that sustained many generations of Kauaians for nearly 160 years. A storied past made possible by fertile soil, ample sunshine and water. Water is the giver of life in these valleys, from the early Hawaiians who used it to create fish ponds and then repurposing the nutrient rich water to fertilize their crops of taro and sweet potato.

Years later, in the latter part of the 19th century German engineers diverted and collected the enormous amounts of water from this watershed and created the 424 acre Waita reservoir for the irrigation of sugarcane.

Poipu Kauai in the background

Waita the Largest Fresh Water Reservoir in Hawaii

Now I was zipping along with a birds view of this enormous body of water and the verdant hillsides of ancient Ohia and Eucalyptus responsible for capturing the rain clouds in this important island watershed happily waving as the trade winds whistled through outspread branches.

Stage 8 of the Koloa Zipline boasts the longest ride on Kauai at over 2400′ that will take you over water and should last for nearly a full minute depending upon your weight. Lighter individuals move slower over the stretched cable, refreshing in a world where larger is routinely associated with slower. Body positioning plays a factor too, but I will leave all the techniques of gaining speed and steering for the guides who know how to have a great and safe experience.

Kauai ATV crew in Kauai

The Zipline Gang with Owner Olie Rivera

There are dress guidelines that will help you enjoy the experience, the folks at Koloa Zipline can go over that with you at the time of reservation. Their toll free number is 877-707-7088.

Let us know your favorite stage of the Koloa Zipline course and we promise to share it with the world.

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