Who We Are

A captivating luxury Kauai vacation rental in the heart of Poipu Beach. Let the magic of your Hawaii experience begin with a tropical ocean view. Nestled in a quiet area far from the ordinary in Poipu we are located at the mouth of the Waikomo Stream where it becomes one with the Ocean. Here you are enveloped in flowing sounds that play on the trade winds, giving rise to a moment when there is only the two of you. Intimate, Harmonious, Perfect.

Our Kapili Suite is ideal for just the two of you. Located in Poipu Beach with stunning ocean and sunset views from the Suite.

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Our home and Kapili Suite has a style that honors Hawaiian tradition and pays homage to the many cultural inspirations that arrived from around the Pacific Rim. All cocooned in soothing intimate sounds of water, a sanctuary to rediscover, and to nourish yourself and the one you love.


Joe and Lee Sylvester have been residents of Kauai for 33 years and have been operating Turtle Cove and the Kapili Suite for years. Joe was an Agronomist with Kekaha Sugar Co. for 17 years and a former Peace Corps volunteer in Fiji.Lee, the mother of two beautiful girls, owns a real estate company and is active in the community.

They have owned Turtle Cove for the past 23 years and the Kapili Suite since 2007. For years the Sylvester’s owned two art galleries in Poipu where they were able to share their love of Pacific Rim art and accessories. This is evident in the welcoming interior design of the property that blends many cultures using design elements and a philosophy of ‘ The Mix is the Match”.

The Suites offer luxury affordable poipu beach rentals with ocean views and deep plunge jacuzzi

The Magic of Turtle Cove

We too are travelers. We expect a level of attentiveness from our hosts. A host that is actively aware, who gives the guests the space they came to Kauai to find, but can be there when needed. A host that is proud of the surroundings and has the time to give a historical tour of the neighborhood and Baby Beach, a host who appreciates your loyalty and understands the Hawaiian sense of hospitality. We are dedicated to you, your holiday, and your Kauai experience. Should we ever fall short of your expectations, we welcome your call and will respond to resolve any concern you may have.

Kauai, our home for nearly 33 years is one of the most inspiring places in the world.  Beyond the setting of captivating Poipu Beach accommodations you will find sparkling white and black sand beaches with their timeless beauty. The magnificent splendor of the Waimea Canyon revealing its earth like hues of yellow and red in more variations than you can imagine. The emerald cliffs and valleys of the Na Pali coastline that is home to the largest number of bird species on the United States federally endangered species list. The vastness of the blue Pacific, with its healing waters and abundant animal life. And finally, its people who have welcomed visitors to these shores for hundreds of years. Kauai calls you to experience, to explore, to embrace.



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