What You Need to Know For a Hawaiian Beach Wedding

After months of uncertainty you’ve decided that saying I do on the beach in Kauai will be the ultimate in a destination wedding. Amidst all of the fun decisions of selecting a beach, and whether to go to the altar barefoot and adorned in colorful leis. There are the pragmatic governmental requirements that will require your attention. Here is what you need to know for a Hawaiian beach wedding.

An island wedding on Kauai Hawaii

Patrick and Stephanie Begin a New Life Together

Obtain a Permit
Accessing a permit on line is easy, just click here. The good news is that everyone who applies and follows the DLNR’s requirements will receive a permit for a beach wedding.

The form is straightforward, requiring contact information, which island you plan to have the wedding on, the date of the event and the name of the beach, the State will also require you to put down the Tax Map Key number, which will be listed adjacent to the beach name in the list of approved beaches.

Don’t stress on the beach location, you can actually leave that blank until you pull your permit. This will give you time to cruise Kauai and select the perfect beach for your momentous day.

The Legal Stuff
Included with this application you must submit a Certificate of Insurance that names the State of Hawaii as an additional insured by a company who is licensed to do business in Hawaii. There are set minimum limits to the comprehensive public liability insurance. More information and the Wiki Permits PDF file can be found at the link above.

For individual applicants ask your carrier if your homeowners policy will cover the ceremony in Hawaii. You may need to increase your policy from $300,000 dollars to the $500,000 dollar minimum that the State of Hawaii requires.

You may submit a Certificate of Insurance from a “non admitted” carrier in the State of Hawaii but they must have an A.M. Bests rating of V II or better.

You may also obtain “special event insurance” by doing a Google search. A typical cost for $500,000 dollars worth of coverage at this writing is $75.00. You may be required to decide upon the Beach and the address. Since beaches do not have conventional addresses just use the Tax Map Key number that will be adjacent to the name of the beach. This will work just fine.

Where Do I Send My Application?
The completed application along with the Certificate of Insurance can be transmitted via email, fax, or conventional mail. By email you can send to Mr.Steve Molmen, steve.molmen@hawaii.gov or by fax at 808.587.0455 and if by post to:

Department of Land and Natural Resources
Land Division
1151 Punchbowl St. #220
Honolulu, HI 96813

What’s Next?
If everything is in order the DLNR should process your request within 3 working days and you will be provided with a Username and Password for their site (the one I have linked to above). Now you are ready to pull a permit.

What is the Cost?
The right of entry permit is subject to a payment of a non refundable fee of ten cents per square foot with a minimum of $20.00 per application.

Island Wedding on Kauai Hawaii

A Magical Wedding on a Magical Island

Points to Remember with a Hawaiian Beach Wedding

1.The beaches are public space- You do not have the right to ask someone using the beach if they would move so that you could set up. Find a vacant spot and people will respect your space.

2.Time- Your permit is valid for up to two hours on the beach for the ceremony.

3. Access- Consider family or friends with mobility issues. It may be difficult or impossible to walk on a rocky shoreline.

4. Bring the Permit- Someone should have the permit with them at the ceremony, in the unlikely event that someone questions your right to the beach.

5. Include a Second Choice- No, not your soon to be husband, but an alternative beach. With our trade wind weather your first choice may be too wet. Select an alternative on the dry side of the island such as Poipu.

Most Hawaii wedding couples at our Kauai rentals typically opt for a private affair with someone from the community officiating. However, if you have something special in mind we can make some suggestions on a locale and licensed professionals.

What better place to confirm your love for each other than in Kauai Hawaii? The romance of a beach at sunset with waves crashing, the both of you barefoot as the sun in all its glory sits suspended above the horizon, welcoming your new life together. What could be better?

We always like to hear from you. If you have any questions about a romantic Hawaiian wedding send us a comment.

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