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The Hawaiians communicate in their dance and song they speak of romance at wedding feasts. Our romance guide is located at our honeymoon vacation cottage.

The Hawaiians Tell Stories in Song and Dance

The Best Things To Do On Kauai

The best things to do on Kauai while on vacation is a popular theme and has been written about in more vacation guide books, pamphlets and rack cards than I care to ponder. Peppered with adjectives that would make a high school creative writing teacher beam. Writers’ tossing words salad-like, such as, “Herculean ocean waves” or “sugary sandy beaches”. In an attempt to paint a picture with words that has left me imagining something Salvador Dali would attempt if contracted to paint the pier in Hanalei.

Some people create lists or will take my list and be quite obsessive about checking off sites or great local attractions that they visited. This troubles me about lists, did they really experience what they were visiting? That’s not what this list is about, friends. It’s designed for the visitor who will contemplate their surroundings and breathe and imagine. This is more the Hawaiian way.

We believe options are good, and with our Kauai Vacation Rentals it has been our philosophy for the past 17 years. Our list is presented here as a guide, be flexible, and modify the list for the ‘best fit’ for you and your family. Travel is ultimately about you, and your definition of the ‘best’, and that is only formed through experiences. We encourage you to add a little twist to our list. That is what makes travel special and personal. It’s all good.

Napali Coast Boat Tour

Cruising the Napali Coast offers an opportunity to see the rugged coastline of Kauai that is not passable in a vehicle. From the comfort of a large catamaran you will be able to see Hawaiian sea turtles, spinner dolphins and snorkel in areas that few will ever experience.

Cruising the Napali Coast is a Great Thing To Do

Visit a Majestic Waterfall

While Kauai has many difficult to reach waterfalls, fortunately there are many that can be gotten to by vehicle, and some that require only a thirty minute hike along a defined trail head. Like the waterfall pictured here. Park at Kee Beach and take the Hanakapiai trail head.

A poipu beach vacation captures the great moments of your life on Kauai.

Hanakapiai Falls

Visit Allerton’s at the National Tropical Botanic Garden

Want to see what your tropical houseplant really should look like? Visit the NTBG to experience the flora of Kauai Hawaii. Plan your visit, check up to 6 weeks prior to your arrival for special events while you will be here. On full moons in the summer they present, ‘The Gardens under the Full Moon’ tours. The paths are well lit and your guides are knowledgeable volunteers that really love what they are doing and are willing to share.

Visit Poipu Beach Park

Consistently rated in the “Top 10″ beaches in the world Poipu Beach is popular with visitor and local alike. The County of Kauai stations a lifeguard here too. Great park facilities that include pavilions, well maintained rest rooms, showers, and a jungle gym for the children.

A Day at Poipu Beach is a Great Thing To Do

Spend The Day at Poipu Beach Park

Go Take A Hike

Hiking on Kauai is a great thing to do. From choosing the rugged 11 mile Kalalau Trail or something much less strenuous like the Mahaulepu Trail. Simply put if you wish to see our world famous scenery you need to get out of your vehicle. The good news is that some of the most breathtaking vistas are only minutes from where you parked the car.

Limestone Formations Along The Mahaulepu Trail of Kauai

Go To A Luau

Great food is presented, yes even poi, but not to worry, your Mom won’t make you eat it like she did those Lima beans. What you will want to eat is the great local fish that will be laid out in front of you. Don’t stop there, usually you will have the chance to experience cuisine from some of the cultures that came to Kauai Hawaii and stayed. Dishes like Lumpia from the Philippines, a slender delicately fried or fresh pastry dough filled with chicken or beef and shredded cabbage. Don’t forget the hot sauce.

The entertainment is always superb with island singers and dancers telling the legends of how the first people came to the Island of Kauai.

Hawaiian Luau is one of the best things to do on Kauai

Hawaiian Dancers At Luau Kalamaku

Yes Bob, your Aunt Jenny was correct the beaches are beautiful here on Kauai, they are white and soft and great for people watching. With over 50 miles of white and black sand beaches it has the most of any island in the chain. I will list more great beaches in the weeks ahead. Each week we will update our series of: Great Things To Do In Kauai, with a more focused look at sections of our Island.

Please remember that some of the attractions on the list will require some advanced planning because they may only be available at certain times of the year, on a full moon for instance, or have limited seating. We typically advise our vacation rental guests at Turtle Cove Suites to begin checking select websites about 2 months prior to their arrival for the best in island activities. Listed here are additional sites of interest that will help in planning:
The Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau
The Garden Island Newspaper

Our website is a great source for things to do on Kauai, check in often. We will welcome you with open dialog if you sign up for our monthly newsletter. It’s easy and you will be the envy of everyone in the office with the knowledge gained from reading our posts.

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Photos of Hawaiian dancer and Hanakapiai Falls by Ken Posney. www.kenposney.com
All other photos by Joe Sylvester

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Aloha! I have lived on Kauai for 33 years where I have worked as an Agronomist for 17 years, owned an art gallery for 11 years and own a vacation rental for 17 years in the town of Poipu. I am a former Peace Corps volunteer and have been married since 1985.
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  1. Joe,
    We recently visited Kauai and managed to do everything you mentioned except the hike. I’m sure we missed out on spectacular views. However, this gives us a reason to return! Of course, along with all the other wonderful activities and beaches and culture to expore.
    Thanks so much for this great article.

    P.S. What a beautiful group of people you highlighted on the Napoli boat cruise!

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