The Kauai Marathon

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The Kauai Marathon in Poipu Beach

It happens every Spring for the majority of runners that parade past my Poipu Beach vacation rental which is just steps from the finish line of the Kauai Marathon. Strides become a bit longer, they train with greater intensity, a little more anaerobic in anticipation of their final spurt to the finish line, knees being lifted higher off the ground as if to leap over imaginary obstacles in the course such as a banana peel or a pot hole. Personal iPods screaming internally as evidenced by the high pitched sing-along  of the runner to lyrics by Def Leppard that helps me to guess their age. I am jubilant when someone runs by screaming lyrics from The Who, now that’s music of my glory years. I send them a burst of positive vibes that says, “You’re looking Great, keep it up!” “Right on!”,  or just a shaka sign to let them know of my approval.

Each year Kauai athletics comes alive with the buzz of the Kauai Marathon, Kauai’s signature sporting event which combines amateur and professionals’ in a 26.2 and a 13.1 mile event that will take them along some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. This years event will begin at 6am on Sunday, September 4 in front of the Poipu Shopping Village on Poipu Road.

There will be so much to see and do before the race too. The Expo event will be held on Friday and Saturday, September 2nd and 3rd,  from 10am till 4pm in the ballroom at the Sheraton Kauai. There you will be able to pickup your entry packets and obtain a late registration entry form. This is a must! You must attend the Expo to pick up your entry packets. There you will see and talk with great vendors and learn the latest about their products.

The Kauai Marathon is in reality a rollicking 3 day event that showcases the best of the southshore of Kauai. The Carbo Luau loading party is legendary with great Hawaiian food. Diners will be able to experience the best culinary creations from the Pacific and of the many offerings from the cultures that have made Hawaii great. The party begins on Saturday, September 3rd at 4.45pm and goes until 8pm at the Sheraton Kauai Resort. Seating is limited and the fee is $60 per person inclusive, there will also be a no host bar. There will also be live music and oceanfront dining that only the Sheraton knows how to do. We suggest booking in advance for this popular event. If you do miss the Carbo Loading Luau you can find great restaurants in Poipu beach here in our Dining Guide.

The events organizers have done a great job this year, they will be offering timely shuttle bus service for participants from some of the major hotels and they will continue to operate until just after the finishers party.

You will be able to drop off clothes at the starting area as long as they are bagged and they will be shuttled to the finish line for your collection. Play it safe, do not store valuables.

Medical support stations will be located throughout the course in the event of a participants needs. Our  sun is intense here and you may lose more water than you are used to from running at home in colder climes. Hydrate often to prevent heat exhaustion and seek medical help immediately if you feel less than perfect.

There will be a fantastic finisher’s party with Hawaiian entertainment, fellowship with other runners, and the awards presentation. The party begins at 8am and lasts till 1.30pm on Race Day. A great opportunity to relive the course and exchange battle stories.The party will continue after 1.30pm at Kalapaki Joe’s on Poipu Road, they are the official Kauai Marathon Party  headquarters from 3-6pm. It was packed last year so arrive early, they have large sports screens throughout to catch up on the latest sporting events worldwide.

There is so much good that comes of this great Kauai event. The organizer’s of the Kauai Marathon and their 110 participants have raised funds in excess of $400,000 dollars for three charities, they are: A-T Childrens Project, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Canadian Liver Foundation’s Giver for Liver Charity.

So is it a date? Will we see you on the course? We sincerely hope so. We will be handing out refreshments at one of the stations along the route, come up and scream at me and tell me what music you are listening to. Aloha and A hui hou!

About Joe Sylvester

Aloha! I have lived on Kauai for 33 years where I have worked as an Agronomist for 17 years, owned an art gallery for 11 years and own a vacation rental for 17 years in the town of Poipu. I am a former Peace Corps volunteer and have been married since 1985.
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  1. Great information about the Kauai Marathon Joe. Your guests are certainly well positioned to enjoy the event!

    • Aloha Linda thank you for the comment. We will be offering refreshments after the race at the Suites for our returning Kauai Marathon Champions. They will be happy to know the Finish Line is just steps away.

  2. Aloha Joe,
    we’ll be back this year for the race but we have decided to do the half Marathon instead because we have been eating more than training this year

  3. Aloha Joe!

    I’ll be doing my first marathon this year, so thank you for the great information. It’s nice to hear things from people who know this event. And thank you for the support! I’m sure I’ll be very happy when I see your beautiful property near the finish line.

  4. That’s so exciting Melissa! We’ll be rooting for you!

    • Count me in too Melissa! I will let everyone know which mile marker I will be handing out refreshments. With my camera of course! How is your training progressing?

  5. Not next year, Joe – daughter and son-in-law graduation from Oxford, spring 2012! – but 2013 sounds GREAT! Gayle and I have already been dreaming about a return visit, and a big run at the same time. Woohoo!

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