Poipu Shopping Village

Fine Merchants at the Poipu Shopping Village


The Poipu Shopping Village has been a staple of the Poipu community for 30 years.  Great shops and restaurants border a verdant green park with  giant banyan trees that shade the stage area. It’s a great place for the toddlers to burn off a little energy after a meal or a sugary treat at  Papalino’s Gelato.

The Village has done an outstanding job in selecting the right mix of merchants to compliment the community and visitor alike. Surf shops with the latest fashions for the teen set to fine art for a sophisticated addition to your home from local artisans. Great restaurants are located here that should be experienced, here are two of our favorites.

Keoki’s Paradise is a popular watering spot with a great surfing theme paying homage to the best of Hawaii’s surfing legends. Their Fish Taco for lunch is delicious, Mahi Mahi accompanied with black beans and a salad is the bomb after coming off the beach. Local beers are on tap along with the more familiar national brands. In the evening I would suggest trying their Opah or Moon Fish which is known for it’s flaky white meat that is second to none in tropical waters. Familiar side dishes accompany this fare, such as baked potato, or rice and a Caesar’s salad. Keoki’s Paradise is open 7 days per week from 11 am till 10pm. Thursdays nights are particularly popular with the local community.


The Chocolate Souffle Lives at Roy's


Roy’s Poipu Grill and Bar has been located here for the past 17 years and is a favorite. Roy’s has expanded both nationally and internationally and they have lost nothing in their growth. Specializing in creative cuisine with fresh fish and vegetables they continue to set a high standard for culinary art. Their service is efficient and prompt, our secret is tell the waiter to slow down and that we are going to stay all night to experience the great faces and  food presentations that are in the dining room, they will accommodate your request.

Their Chocolate Souffle is one of the best I have ever eaten, With a dark chocolate crust that once cracked oozes deeply dark and warm chocolate. It’s a must try. It takes 20 minutes to prepare the dessert so please factor that in to your selection. Our secret is to order the Souffle to arrive after 1 hour from seating, we enjoy a slow meal at this fine eatery.


Starbucks is Located in the Poipu Shopping Village

What more needs to be said about world famous Starbucks. Always innovating never afraid to shake up their format to offer the customer a great experience in their restaurants.

Papalani Gelato offers the best gelatos, sorbettos, and chocolate truffles anywhere on the island. Get there early because there is usually a line outside the door from 2pm.

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