Poipu Rentals

Few Poipu rentals offer a complete package as Turtle Cove Suites. With four elegant Suites that provides levels of amenities that can help in making an intelligent decision on the perfect Kauai vacation rental. In your search for a Poipu vacation rental here are a few points to keep in mind:

The Cove Suite at our Poipu rentals

The Cove Suite

What is the quality of the neighborhood? Let’s face it. You came to Kauai for serenity, adventure, romance, and the cultural experience. However you want to be the one to decide when you will experience these qualities of a great Hawaiian vacation. At Turtle Cove Suites, we are located on a quiet side street in Poipu that has been discovered by many visitors. Far away from the circa 1970 condo complexes of the east side of Poipu with their cars and noise.

Does the property cater to couples seeking solitude? Many larger properties attempt to be everything to everybody. At Turtle Cove Suites our sole mission is to provide an oasis where couples can find a place to call their own. A place where if they wish to relax at the pool and be transported away by the sounds of the Ocean. It’s there for you, perfect.

What level of service do you provide? We at Turtle Cove Suites are long time residents of Kauai who reside only 10minutes away from the Suites. We pride ourselves in being available anytime of the day but more importantly we understand that you want your privacy and we respect that while you are on property. If needed we offer a Concierge service that can help with reservations as varied as a restaurant to skydiving. Just ask and our expert Gale can talk in detail about great activities on Kauai.

Our Promise Our promise to you is to provide you with the best experience possible while you are staying with us at our Poipu rentals.

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