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In our series on best places to kiss on Kauai Hawaii we have been detailing great locales on the Garden Island that are perfect romantic getaways. Our goal is to provide scenic spots of uncompromising natural wonder that are the gems of Kauai. Understandably some of these getaways are for the more adventurous and it will be important that you know your physical limitations before embarking on some spots in our series. Mother Nature can be unforgiving in all her beauty and common sense is required.

The Hanakapiai trail, the first two miles of the epic nearly eleven miles of the Kalalau trail along the Napali offers so much that is Kauai in such a short time that it must be experienced. Mystically enshrouded in morning clouds on a typical north shore day it only enhances the drama. The two of you will be participants watching as the sun climbs in the sky and burns off the clouds to reveal blues and greens that challenge the eye and your sense of wonder.

Hiking Kauai is great thing to do on your romantic getaway.

Hanakapiai Falls

Hanakapiai Beach is two miles from the trail head at Kee beach and can easily be reached in an hour, less if the trail is not too slippery from the mud. If hiking in the summer you will be rewarded with an expansive white sand beach that is breath taking. Locals know the area for the strong ocean currents and large waves breaking on shore, always practice caution around the water. Conditions can change rapidly.

The beginning of the verdant Hanakapiai valley is two more miles inland to the falls, and well worth the additional hour each way. There will be numerous stream crossings and if the water is high do not go, remember conditions in the valley can change rapidly. Streams can rise incredibly quickly, this is the wettest spot in the world. At the head of the valley you will see and hear Hanakapiai falls, in all her 300 majestic feet. The pool at the bottom of the falls is something out of a movie set, ordered directly from the Imagineers at Disney Co.

If the falls are included on your trip the total distance is 8 miles back to Kee Beach. To reward yourselves stop in Hanalei and have a late lunch at Bar Acuda and try the Hawaiian seared Ono with shaved Fennel citrus salad. A popular North Shore eatery that has an interest in Island Foods at Kukuiula Village close to our Kauai rentals.

Things To Know Before You Go

* Pack fresh water, there is no fresh water on the trail. Do not drink water from any stream.
* There are self composting toilets on the trail.
* If you are packing a lot of gear, know your physical capabilities.
* Beyond Hanakapiai Beach you will require a camping permit.

If you have any other suggestions that will help a couple enjoy a romantic getaway for the day please let us know.

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