Opening Day of National Wildlife Refuge Week | Kilauea Point

The opening day of National Wildlife Refuge week at Kilauea Point could not have been more glorious. The sun shone brightly and the cloudless sky above the 203 acre refuge showcased its winged residents with tours and learning tents, as they sailed effortlessly on unseen trade winds.

Kilauea Point Kauai, Hawaii

Hamming it up at Kilauea Point

Every year in October the US Fish and Wildlife proudly celebrates our 556 wildlife refuges throughout the country. It is wonderful opportunity for the department to educate the public on the great work that is being accomplished to preserve native flora and fauna. And to highlight challenges and how the community can help by being aware of changes in their surroundings.
Teddy Roosevelt started the national parks system

Volunteers Monica, and Peter dressed as the “Conservation President”, Teddy Roosevelt

Without the community’s assistance in reporting sightings of mongoose, the US Fish and Wildlife caught two this year in the Lihue area that were reported by observant citizens. Their help has saved injured shearwaters and Hawaiian Monk Seals too.

The events continue until October 20, 2012. Here is a schedule of events for the remainder of the week. Here are a few snaps from the days event:

Keiki activities on Kauai Hawaii

Keeping the Children Amused at the Kilauea Point Lighthouse

Kauai Hawaii

Moku’ae’ae Rock

Best things to do in Kauai Hawaii

Spanish Visitors with Puddles

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