Music, Moonlight and Romance in McBryde Garden

The stage is set for the 5th annual Moonlight and Music event in Poipu Kauai. The gala is hosted by the National Tropical Botanical Garden and it is their primary fundraising event for the year.

Visit the McBryde Garden in Poipu to see Kauai waterfalls.

Lawai Waterfall in the McBryde Garden

Saturday August 25, 2012 is the date for this very special affair in the historic McBryde Garden under the moonlight. The evening begins at 6pm with tours into the Garden that will be dramatically lit to showcase this unique Kauai treasure.

If you have only seen the Garden during a daylight tour you are in for a treat. The landscape lighting offers a dramatic perspective to this lush valley. Lights play off gnarly trunks of mammoth trees and green foliage takes on an almost surreal appearance. This is not to be missed.

Jade vine in McBryde Garden Poipu

New Guinea Jade Vine in McBryde Garden

Less I forget there is limited seating for this great event, the funds raised will aid in important research. Among the many disciplines at NTBG the organization studies the role of tropical plants in a world that is experiencing increased climatic and population pressures on food production. This is important because tropical agriculture feeds a significant percentage of the worlds population.

Another equally critical mission of the NTBG is to identify threatened tropical plant species and safeguarding their survival. Tropical plants grow in a narrow equatorial band yet they are an important source of the worlds medicines, producing safer and more effective products that are cheaper alternatives to synthetic compounds.

Food at Moonlight and music event at NTBG

Savories at the 5th Annual Moonlight and Music Event at McBryde Garden

What an opportunity to have a great evening of live entertainment, dancing and great food and wine while helping the Garden in their critical mission. Tickets for this event are only $150 and can be purchased by calling 808-332-6500.

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