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Man it’s hot one, like 7 inches from the midday sun…. Like that popular song from a few years ago we can already feel the intensity of the sun in late May here in Kauai Hawaii. Our Spring is typically short. One day cool with remnants of the last winter rains only to be fooled the following day by fierce death rays. As if our earth repositioned itself overnight, exposing its sensitive side to the brightest star in our solar system.

Hot fun in Poipu

Sun Worshiping at Poipu Beach Park

It’s a capricious heat too. With our cooling trades whisking away any moisture from your skin you can hardly feel the sun’s rays. Hey, I know it’s an important reason that you came to Kauai, even for me, heck, sunbathing is a Hawaiian sport. However there are a few rules to follow so that you can enjoy all that Kauai has to offer without the pain.

Don’t Overdue It
You’re here for a week, don’t try to capture more rays than a newly installed solar collector. Understand the hottest part of the day is from noon till 3pm. Don’t spend more than an hour on the beach the first day during these hours. Go and enjoy our Kauai vacation rental for a few hours,(this brazen promotion was created in broad daylight).

If the beach calls you to return on the first day go back about 4.30 in the afternoon and snorkel. The fish will be more active darting to and fro in the anticipation that you brought fish treats to share.

Use Sun Screen Liberally
We know you develop a god like tan at home, however you’re in Hawaii and I will bet you have never been closer to the equator than this. Our air is clean, that means less particulates to refract sunlight.

Apply sunscreen often about every two hours or more if you are in and out of the water, don’t forget sensitive areas like your ears or the top of your head. Slather the sunscreen on approximately 30 minutes before you go outside. The time will enable your skin to absorb its protective qualities before water and sweat can dilute.

Water sports are a popular Poipu Beach activity

Fun in the Sun at Poipu Beach Park

Light Breathable Clothing
If snorkeling is high on your best things to do list, consider wearing a Tee shirt while exposing your back for long periods of time. Remember, the sun will be strongest from 11 am till 3 pm. Afraid you will lose precious tanning time? I guarantee that some of the sun’s rays will still penetrate your wet shirt, but the majority of those UV rays will be stopped, and it will save you a great deal of misery later that night.

Reflective Surfaces
Hey, you’re on an island surrounded by reflective surfaces. The sun’s UV rays are bouncing off the water and the beach sand, and metal surfaces onto your exposed areas and into your eyes. Wear quality polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes.

The Hawaiian Monk Seal

Hawaiian Monk Seal Basking in the Kauai Sun

Respecting Kauai weather conditions and using basic common sense will insure that you have a healthy, memorable time here on the Garden Island. Let us know how you protect your skin during the hot summer months.

About Joe Sylvester

Aloha! I have lived on Kauai for 33 years where I have worked as an Agronomist for 17 years, owned an art gallery for 11 years and own a vacation rental for 17 years in the town of Poipu. I am a former Peace Corps volunteer and have been married since 1985.
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