Kilauea Lighthouse Village

Kauai planning commission approves new Mall

Master Plan for Kilauea Shopping Center- Courtesy Hunt Development

Last night the Kauai Planning Commission green lighted a controversial project for the former sugar town of Kilauea. Known for its quaint cracker box style plantation homes that speaks of a bygone era when cane was king. With manicured yards that reveal a sense of pride in community and their shared history.

My visceral reaction to the news was one of horror. Would the development burden the community with a significant increase in traffic, on a road that is long overdue for repair? Would we lose the originality and spirit that local businesses bring to a neighborhood? Exchanging them for cookie cutter national brands that have economies of scale to bring the lowest prices that ultimately kills the little guy.

All this is a fact. A project of this size will change the dynamics of Kilauea town. Will we see the ubiquitous T-shirts shops with sappy art emblazoned on product hung on A frames along Kilauea Lighthouse road? Perish the thought. But here is the most important aspect to the approval. It’s what the majority of the Community wants.

I have to respect the Commission that listens to the Neighborhood Board and takes into consideration what the community wants. If the majority wants a new development on this historic site they need to be heard.

The community wants easy access to a proposed health clinic and supermarket. Long tired of traveling to Princeville or Lihue for these services the proximity will improve the quality of life for its residents. They want sidewalks, which this island has far too few. They want jobs locally that will reduce long commutes into Lihue. Shouldn’t they get what they want?

Is the proposed Kilauea Lighthouse Village a good thing? Will you support the businesses? Will this negatively impact the jewel of Kilauea, Kong Lung Store? Tell us what you think.

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