Kauai Weather

With as many as seven micro climates on the island the local saying that if you don’t like the weather just wait 5 minutes and it will change is very true. Localized weather conditions brought about by mountain and valley formations can mean more rain than an area only 1 mile away. It’s why I consider Kauai weather the best in Hawaii! There is something for everyone.

The island of Kauai Hawaii has a diversity of climates, from arid lowland desert to lush tropical rainforests, it’s all here waiting for you to explore. Annual rainfall amounts range from approximately 23″ on the south shore and west side of the island contrast greatly with the north shore and Princeville area which has rainfall totals of 76 inches annually. Generally, rainfall on Kauai is more prominent in the winter season, with the North Shore generally receiving 3 times or more rainfall than the South Shore.

We have included rainfall data charts for Poipu and the North Shore for your convenience. Because weather patterns change we decided to use monthly averages for the past ten years, specifically the years 2002 through 2011. We believe that ten years provides statistically relevant data and a more accurate reflection of current climate patterns.

Poipu Rainfall and Temperature chart

North Shore Rainfall and Temperature chart

Our thanks go out to the volunteers who through out the year monitor the gauges daily and report to the National Weather Service (NOAA). This data is vital to researchers who study and formulate hypotheses on how climate change affects our flora and fauna, and it is invaluable to the farmers and agriculturalists around our great island of Kauai.

Here is the seven day forecast in beautiful Poipu Beach

To all of our surf and snorkle guests, here for your convenience is the Kauai surf report link. Know before you go that the conditions are favorable for your water sports activities.

Here is the Kauai Surf Report

Kauai weather changes hourly

Rainbows Over Kauai

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