Turtle Cove in Poipu Beach

Our affordable luxury condos have full kitchens and off street parking with all the amenities of home. Free WiFi in every suite is standard at these kauai vacation rentals. Luxurious and affordable.

The Magic of Turtle Cove

Turtle CoveĀ and the Kapili Suite are a captivating Poipu Beach vacation rentals that are ideal for your Honeymoon getaway. They have a presence of their own with calming hues and textures that surround you in an atmosphere that is effortlessly comfortable. Furnishings from the Pacific Rim intermixed with antiques and art heighten the experience and you quickly realize that your Kapili Suite is as special as you.

The magic doesn’t stop with the interiors, from your private lanai, the outside world and its distractions are forgotten, lost in the sounds of nature. Its just the two of you, the lush tropical back drop with the dancing Stream and the Ocean. No cars, no streets, no traffic, just the two of you enveloped in nature.

Turtle Cove is consistently ranked as one of the premier Poipu rental property in its class. A Large well appointed home and a beautiful Kapili Suite thoughtfully designed that heighten your vacation experience and your interaction with nature.

Air Conditioned Comfort

Turtle Cove is air conditioned with a high powered Mitsubishi ultra quiet split system.



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