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Josselin's Tapas Bar and Grill

When you are staying in Poipu there is a new eatery that you must experience. It really doesn’t matter where you are on Kauai, you have got to try Josselins Tapas Bar and Grill, or just Tapas as it is known locally. Few restaurants have taken the Kauai dining scene by storm in the past five years as has Tapas located in the Kukuiula Shopping Village.

The great news for guests of our Kauai Vacation Rentals is that they are located just a short 3 minute walk from the Suites. It’s that easy. Throw on a pair of shorts, slippers and an Aloha shirt and you are ready to meet heaven in your mouth. Eat at the bar or make a reservation for a table and you are set.

Jean Marie Josselin has been on the Kauai Hawaii culinary scene for 25 years, his previous eatery, A Pacific Cafe, melded the tropical flavors of the Pacific with the French flair for aromatic sauces that fused two culinary styles together perfectly.

Kauai dining at Tapas Bar and Grill

Wasabi Cured Salmon Roll

With Tapas, an evolutionary tide has swept over Josselins menu. Like a canvas it intrigues and begs the viewer to imagine the flavors of ‘Wasabi Cured Salmon Roll’ with goat cheese and fennel salad. Wasabi, is made from the root of the plant Wasabia japonica and known by its more common name as Japanese horseradish. The snap to the palate that it offers is more like a mustard than chili pepper. What it does for the salmon is like what a percussionist does for a rock band. Setting a beat that vibrates expressively throughout the entire entree.

Tapas pays homage to Spanish cuisine, but do not expect a menu laden with fare from Spain. The restaurants name was used to denote small plates that can be easily shared. It’s always fun to watch a group of six at a table begin passing around plates excitedly, stopping only long enough to sample. Then waiting for the facial expressions from across the room that indicates that paradise has been found.

Sample a few of their gourmet starters, it’s the right amount for two people to experience the creative blend of each dish. Our favorite is a marriage of Japanese Hamachi (Amber jack) and raw tuna with a sofrito, a sauce consisting of onions, tomatoes, and garlic in olive oil. The combination works delightfully, the fat content of the Hamachi with the tuna creates a texture that balances well with the drizzle of tomato jelly.

Lilikoi Sangria

Lest we forget, Tapa’s is famous for their Sangria. A tropical twist to a Latin American favorite, but with Lychee, Pomegranate, or Lilikoi that is presented to the table on a cart bearing a large glass container. They have the classic red sangria too but my flavor of choice is the Berry-Acai.

Tapas is open daily from 5pm till 10pm. Call 808-742-7117 for reservations.

Let us know what your favorite dish is and we will share it with the world.

Tapas Bar and Grill

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