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Not to be out done by Allegiant Air who has recently announced an updated schedule to the Hawaiian Islands. Alaska Airlines has posted that they will begin new flights to our Kauai from Portland. This announcement is for a seasonal flight schedule but hey who is complaining typically once Alaska Airlines announces a new departure city to Kauai they eventually make it a regular year round departure city to Kauai, if it can remain profitable. We like that, give us the opportunity and we can show off all that we have to offer.

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The seasonal travel will begin the new route on November 5 and it is tentatively planned for 4 flights per week. The flights will depart Portland and 10:40 in the morning and arrive into Kauai at 3.05 in the afternoon. This is perfect timing, by the time you collect your baggage and car you will be at Turtle Cove Suites at 4.15, just enough time to take a dip in the ocean. Return flights, do you really need to go back to Portland, will be four times per week. Departing Kauai at noon and landing into Portland at 7.55 in the evening.
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Alaska Airlines is offering introductory fares from $199 each way between Portland and Kauai. Tickets must be purchased by Thursday, May 24, and can be used for travel from Portland to Kauai from Nov. 5 through Dec. 12, and for travel from Kauai to Portland from Nov. 6 through Dec. 24. For more information click here or call 800-252-7522.

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