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Hiking in Kauai is one of the best things to do of all the great activities that are available to the visitor here on the island. If you are here on a romantic honeymoon or simply a Hawaiian getaway you will be seeing the best of Kauai. Experiencing the road less traveled, the aura, romance, and mystique of hidden Kauai still energizes us even after 30 years. Somehow the air is different, the manner in which the light filters through the ancient Kukui trees, playing off giant vines entangled in its canopy hundreds of feet above the trail. It reminds me of a cathedral that could only be created by mother nature, leaving me more awestruck than some man made architectural tribute to a Supreme Being.

Hiking Kauai to the Hoopii Falls

Hiking Kauai Along the Kapaa Stream to Ho'opi'i Falls

The opportunity to be amazed at the thundering beauty of this island is continual. Kauai has more hiking trails and better hiking than any of the other Hawaiian islands. You could hike for months and probably not experience all the trails that Kauai has to offer. My wife and I like knowing that the island is with holding secret trails and the mystery of the unexplored is exciting.

I draw this similarity between hiking and a shared life. There will be many trails that will be walked together that will be comfortable and known, that familiarity offers contentment and joy. Inevitably you will embark on an unfamiliar path together that will define and shape the journey, strengthening, and bringing new levels of understanding and fulfillment.

My wife says I think too much. Just enjoy the hike.

There are so many hiking trails that it would be fair to group them by their own special visual treat they offer the traveler. Great Kauai hikes along ridges in Kokee that have glorious views of beaches and verdant valleys from 3000 feet above the canyon floor. Hiking the Honopu trail which we detailed earlier this year, was a hike that revealed itself slowly and rewarded the tenacious with breathtaking vistas from high atop the ridge. Or, one could create a list of Kauai hikes for their special jungle trails along mountain streams that lead to waterfalls.

Best Places Kauai

A Dip at the Lower Ho'opi'i Falls

Recently we had a craving for a jungle hike. There is something about the steamy closeness of vegetation as it brushes against you, soaking your clothes that transports me magically to the days of great expeditions searching for sandalwood or perhaps a giant koatree to be used for a voyaging canoe. Or, like a take in a Disney Co. film such as, ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ where they are learning survival skills in an inhospitable jungle. But then I am soon jolted out of my reverie and back to the present as a mosquito hovers around my ear looking for a tender spot. Jungle walks have their highs and lows, mosquitoes are ‘lows’ for me. A favorite companion for us is Coleman’s Smart Skin, it can really make the walk more enjoyable.

The Ho’opi’i Falls trail is an easy walk along the Kapaa stream to the accessible upper falls where people sometimes take a refreshing dip if the water is not too turbulent. We hiked the trail in September when there had been little rain for the past two weeks, the trail was dry, the water was calm and refreshing. Proceed further along the trail adjacent to the stream and you will come upon the second falls, here there are opportunities to take a cool dip in the clearing.

A fresh water plunge in one of the best things to do on Kauai

Testing the Waters at Ho'opi'i Falls

How To Get There

Take Hwy 56 to the Kapaa bypass head on to Olohena Rd. continue on Olohena as it then becomes Kaapuni Road then make a right turn on to Kawaihau Road for 300 feet then bear left on to Kapahi Road. Kapahi road is a quiet road with houses on one side find a place to park off the road to permit cars to pass. You will see an old dirt road clearly marked and that is the start of the trail head. Bring water and mosquito repellant. Sneakers will work but Walmart sells a water shoe for less than ten dollars which I find to be perfect for crossing streams.

Best places in Hawaii for a honeymoon

A Cool Plunge at the Upper Ho'opi'i Falls

Tell us your romantic anniversary idea while visiting Kauai. Everyone has an idea of the best thing to do in Hawaii and we would love to read yours.

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