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Hawaiian Airlines has pulled out all the stops for travel between January 8, 2013 and March 6, 2013. It appears that the Fall airline specials will continue into the most desired travel season of Winter.

Atop Pu’u Pihakapu Looking Down into Kipu Kai

The caveat is that tickets must be purchased by October 29, 2012. So there is little time to dawdle. Here is the current list, all prices are quoted for one way and they include taxes and fees:

Los Angeles to all islands: $168 to $174
San Jose or Oakland to all islands: $148 to $154
Pheonix to all islands: $179 to $185
Portland to all islands: $176 to 182
San Francisco to all islands: $168 to $174
Seattle to all islands: $176 to $182

When a single carrier drops their prices this dramatically we usually see competitors matching the fares. We will report any additional travel deals when they come to us.
Honeymoon ideas to paddle in Hanalei
The winter is a great time to leave the dreary skies of the upper 48 to the sunny skies of the Aloha state. Call us we still have most of March and all of April available.

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