What’s With All These Chickens In Kauai Hawaii?

Fresh Chicken

A question that I hear weekly by visitors to Turtle Cove Suites has nothing to do with the proximity to the beach nor whale sightings. But, whats up with all these chickens here in Kauai? A great question, and while we have residents who adore the scrawny, colorful creatures, there are quite a number of us who believe they look best alongside carrots and potatoes in a nice winter stew, and not in our parks. Our post last week highlighted endangered coastal birds of Kauai and their struggles to maintain a foothold in their native habitat. No such trial for the common chicken. Chickens have been here a long time and … [Read more...]

Reclaiming Wetlands For The Birds of Kauai Hawaii

Endangered Hawaiian coastal birds

This past week the Department of Land and Natural Resources announced the acquisition of 105 acres of former sugarcane land for a wetland sanctuary to protect endangered birds in the Mana coastal plain of Kauai Hawaii. This multi phase project will re-establish habitat sites that were long ago lost during sugarcane operations at Kekaha Sugar Co. The nearly 15,000 acres of land that comprise the Mana coastal plain stretches from the sleepy former sugar town of Kekaha to Polihale beach. It has a rich farming history. The land has been in production since the 1860's, first growing cotton to supply the north during … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Christmas | Things To Do On Kauai

Best things to do in hawaii

Christmas in the islands is a very special time of the year for a Hawaiian vacation. It may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of the festive holiday season, after all, where is that pile of snow outside your front door? There are so many great things to do on Kauai if you are fortunate to spend a Hawaiian Christmas vacation with us. Hawaiians love to celebrate, and Christmas is no exception. Perhaps its because they have a lot of catching up to do. It wasn't until 1820 when Hawaiians first began celebrating this festive season. Kauai puts its best foot forward during the holidays brushing … [Read more...]

The Endangered Gallinule at Our Kauai Rentals

The Waikomo Stream

Have you ever found yourself starting a project only to realize a few hours later that little has been accomplished. This has happened more times than I care to recall. My problem is that the diversion is right in the backyard of our Kauai vacation rentals. That's it! The Waikomo Stream is to blame for my lack of motivation. The lyrical flowing of water grabs me before I see it, pushing me into a trance deeper than any yoga position. These same healing waters with their many therapeutic properties, plays another important role, as a habitat for the Hawaiian Gallinule, Gallinula chloropus sandvicensis. The Alae … [Read more...]

Waipa Kalo Festival | Celebrating Hawaiian Culture

Celebrating Hawaiian Culture

The annual Waipa Kalo Festival ended today following a well attended weekend of activities, recipe sharing, and informative educational displays. Admittedly, it is one of the best things to do in Kauai Hawaii, if you wish to learn about this noble culture and the taro (Colocasia esculenta) plant that has for generations fortified the Hawaiian soul spiritually and nutritionally. This festival set in the ahupua'a (land division) of Waipa, just minutes from scenic Hanalei Town on the north shore of Kauai, welcomes everyone to learn about kalo, taro. This potato like vegetable was not only an important food staple, … [Read more...]

Poipu Beach | The Golf Club at Kukuiula

New Golf Course in Poipu

The respected Golf Magazine has announced that The Golf Club at Kukuiula has earned its highest honor as the best new private golf course in the country. This recently completed 7000 yard course, designed by former touring professional Tom Weiskopf, is just steps away from our Kauai vacation rentals in Poipu Beach. The golf course earned the accolades for its verdant wide fairways that play amidst coffee fields on former sugarcane land in Poipu. Expansive vistas of the south shore that reveal landmarks like Spouting Horn and the National Tropical Botanical Garden's, McBryde and Allerton Gardens highlight this … [Read more...]

Big Wave Surfing | Monster Winter Waves In Hawaii

Classic surf photo

The first of the great winter swells this season arrived today on Kauai Hawaii. Friends headed off to the north shore before dawn to test their mettle against thick, juicy waves that ranged in heights of 16 to 21 feet. The excitement was palpable, hauling long boards, dogs, coolers and cameras to the surf breaks here on Kauai. Classic surf spots with names like Cannons, and Tunnels in Haena, Hanalei Bay, and Kalihiwai will be overflowing with locals and visitors alike. There are great spots to view this classic surf, and the guys who ride them. In Haena, park at the Haena Beach Park and on the left is the break … [Read more...]

Things To Do On Kauai In December | New Years Celebration

Things to do in kauai

Kauai Festivals and Events Where did the year go? I continue to ask myself, as I tap out our best things to do in Kauai event calendar, already six days into the month. December is a time of the year to find events where you can rub shoulders with the local residents and learn a great deal about contemporary Kauai. The "locals", already a friendly sort, are even more excited at this time of the year. Perhaps it's anticipation of the winter surf, the big wave riders checking tidal charts, along with local fisherman, who know that the highest prices for ahi tuna is during the Christmas season, are both smiling a bit … [Read more...]

Best Things To Do In Kauai | Helping Habitat For Humanity

Our Poipu vacation rental assisting in housing

Sustainability is a hot issue here on Kauai Hawaii, focusing our attention on everything from alternative energy to food quality. Weaning our dependence upon less nutritious corporate food and supporting healthy alternatives that are grown locally. It's good for residents and visitors alike. Equally important to the island and the Kauai vacation rental industry is affordable sustainable housing. With home and land prices being out of reach for a significant segment of our population it is necessary for us to support both legislation and private enterprise trying to ease this burden. Our Poipu vacation rentals … [Read more...]

Finding A Great Vacation Rental In Kauai Hawaii

Choosing the perfect Poipu vacation rental

Finally, you have decided to take that long overdue romantic vacation to Kauai Hawaii. The decision was easy. Three consecutive years of 'staycations', visiting relatives in the next county to see your mother-in-law's latest quilt, was just too much. Honestly, being confined to a home with more shades of pink than a Las Vegas night club, leaves you with a headache long after you've returned home. That is not a vacation my friends, that is work. As important as sleep, a vacation provides restorative qualities that renew and invigorate long after you have returned home. A Kauai vacation rental may have exactly what … [Read more...]

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