Best Things To Do On Kauai In April

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Kauai Festivals, Events, Hikes, and Outings With Spring in full regalia the island of Kauai pulls out all the stops to embrace the new season. We have compiled a calendar of events, festivals and great hikes to consider prior to your arrival. Take time to plan, some of these best things to do on Kauai in April will fill quickly. April 1: The 9th Biannual Kauai Plant and Seed Exchange from 12pm to 7pm next to Papaya's Whole Food in Kapaa. Although you will not be able to bring back seeds from Kauai to the mainland there is still plenty to experience at this event. Presentations on Hawaiian herbal medicine and the … [Read more...]

Prince Kuhio Celebration | Events Schedule 2012

In Honor of the Gentleman Price

The Prince Kuhio Celebration is just days away beginning on March 11, 2012. The celebration has expanded this year to 14 days of entertainment and great things to do in the Poipu Beach area. Here is our events schedule for your convenience: Pacific International Free Diving and Spearfishing Championships Sunday March 11 through Friday March 16, 2012 This event is new this year. Kauai will host teams from Australia, New Zealand, Guam, New Caledonia, and Tahiti. Catch the Awards Banquet at Joe's on the Green on Friday March 16 at 5pm Prince Kuhio Rodeo Sunday March 18 at CJM Stables at 10am This popular event … [Read more...]

Walking into Kauai’s Agricultural Past | Ancient Hawaiian Farming

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Bob and Linda approached me as they were wiping splotches of ferrous red Kokee mud from the fender of their blue Jeep. "Don't want to get stuck with an additional cleaning fee from Hertz", he sheepishly grinned. They had stayed 2 weeks with us in our Kauai vacation rental and it was sad for me to be saying Aloha. Finishing up he smiled cunningly and asked, "We have two hours before we depart, "What is the best thing to do on Kauai?" Knowing they had hiked all over the island I replied, "Why not take a walk into Kauai's agricultural past?" The advantages are the proximity to Turtle Cove Suites and an opportunity to … [Read more...]

Counting Humpback Whales On Kauai Hawaii

Whale Watching on Kauai

Before the rains set in yesterday about 150 volunteers participated in the second whale count of the season led by the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary. The counts are held on the islands of Oahu and Hawaii and Kauai where participation helps NOAA gather information about the whales and their behavior in Hawaiian waters. This data led our Governor, Neil Abercrombie to declare the month of February as Humpback Whales Awareness Month. Conditions at Makahuena Point yesterday were very good despite inclement weather and vog being brought up from the Big Island due to the southerly winds. … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Dictionary | Going Native on Kauai

The Hawaiian Language Flourishes On Kauai

Hawaiian Phrases To Use On Your Vacation Soon enough when you are on Kauai Hawaii you will realize the that locals intersperse the Hawaiian language in their English sentences and speak their own special dialect called "Pidgin English" or sometimes called, "Broken English". It's even more common once you leave the main island of Oahu and head over to Kauai where it is more rural and there is the largest population of native Hawaiian speakers in the islands. Do not panic if at first... or second you don't understand what is being said, just ask. "Sorry I nevah catch what you been say". Not unlike many … [Read more...]

Kauai Marathon 2012 | Things To Do In Hawaii

Finishing the Kauai Marathon

A significant sporting milestone was reached quietly yet inexorably this morning while the gentle denizens of Kauai Hawaii were sleeping. The Kauai Marathon 2012 is less than 200 days away and while most aspiring contestants will remind themselves that they have plenty of time to train. They should move forward on reserving their Kauai vacation rental for this storied event. Accommodations close to the start and finish lines are already receiving calls for the race which will be held on September 2, 2012. With the rich alternative to traditional hotels available in the area there will be choices ranging from B and … [Read more...]

A Mahaulepu Moonrise Hike | Best Things To Do In Kauai

Best Kauai beaches

I admit, there is a deep sense of satisfaction when I can keep my husband off balance. The look on his face when he hears an unexpected answer to his question is priceless. Mouth agape, eyebrows arched, followed by a bewildered stare into space. Oh, he does come back but I have never seen a re-entry in under 30 minutes. That's exactly how it transpired when I answered yes to a moonrise hike along the south coast of Kauai Hawaii with the Sierra Club. It was billed as a late afternoon hike along the majestic coastline of the Mahaulepu Trail to watch the moonrise, and to observe the whales. As it turned out it was … [Read more...]

Poipu Rotary Club | Making a Difference in Kauai

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Want to make a difference while you are on a romantic getaway to Kauai Hawaii? Taste a bit of the local flavor, sip great wines and help an even greater cause? If so, you need to mark your vacation calendar next year for the Rotary Club of Poipu wine extravaganza held annually. It's one of the best things to do on Kauai for oenophiles. This is the Club’s primary fundraiser of the year and it is always a memorable event. The crowd was entertained with the sweet melodies of Hawaiian music interspersed with unexpected rock and roll, and hip jazz interludes. A highlight of this year's event was an art display … [Read more...]

Counting Whales In Kauai | Best Things To Do In Hawaii

Spotting whales is a great thing to do on kauai

It is turning into a historic whale watching season here in Kauai Hawaii. My casual observations from the lanai of our vacation rental has been fruitful. Gazing down the rocky coast during the winter season has never disappointed. Admittedly, I cannot distinguish a male juvenile from an expectant mother when it comes to the rorquals, a family that includes the blue, sei, fin, minke, and Bryde's whale. But it's obvious that these are the biggest kids on the block at this time of the year, and it seems like there are quite a few in the neighborhood. My hunch proved correct when the NOAA's Hawaiian Islands Humpback … [Read more...]

The Future of Kauai Hawaii | Sharing a Sustainable Path

Kauai has 50 miles of black and white sand beaches find your faworite when you stay with us at our poipu beach vacation rentals

On a rain soaked evening at the Koloa Community Center our Mayor and staff shared their vision of a future for this island that embraces an enlightened approach to challenges that face our community. Admittedly, living on an island ones problems can seem more acute. Our issues are in our face and we sometimes trip over them. Perhaps that's a good thing. Like a leaky faucet that reminds you, I am not going away and you had better deal with it. I have highlighted a few topics discussed that will bring a better quality of life to the residents, and a better experience for visitors to Kauai Hawaii. Increase … [Read more...]

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