Hawaiian Wetland Birds Threatened

Eandangered Hawaiian birds

News reached us today that an outbreak of Avian botulism has reared its devastating head in Kanaha Pond Wildlife Sanctuary in Maui. The Forestry and Wildlife division, an arm of the Department of Land and Natural Resources, warned the State today. Asking all residents to be on the look out for symptoms of the disease in native Hawaiian wetland birds. Since this naturally occurring disease was identified last year, we at our Poipu rentals have been observing our two pairs of endangered Gallinule at our Kauai rentals that reside along the Waikomo Stream. The malady is a naturally occurring toxin in wetlands that … [Read more...]

Kauai County Defers Smoking Bill

Kauai County defers bill to ban smoking on the beach

With the tenacity equal only to a starving dog with a bone. The Coalition for a Tobacco Free Hawaii pushes on in its efforts to make all parks and beaches in Kauai smoke free. Kauai members of Tobacco Free Hawaii offered facts on the dangers of first and second hand smoking. There was no opposition in the room to the scientific data brought forth. Everyone was in agreement on the health issues and the litter caused by discarded cigaret butts in the sand and the water. Of note, there were two speakers opposed to the bill. A member of Open Spaces Kauai, who reserved her right to speak until the Council meets in … [Read more...]

The Island of Lanai is in Escrow

Oracle's Ellison buys Lanai

It didn't take too long to find a buyer for the tiny island of Lanai. The sixth largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago is only 141 square miles in size. With only two major hotels on the island it employs a majority of the 3200 full time residents. Mainly former Dole pineapple workers who long ago lost employment when Dole Co. switched production overseas too the Philippines and Thailand. He will be buying the island from Robert Murdoch who has owned the Lanai for quite a few years having developed the Manaele Bay Hotel and the Lodge at Koele. Murdoch did develop a small resort subdivision that catered to off … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know For a Hawaiian Beach Wedding

Hawaiian wedding in Keoneloa beach, Kauai

After months of uncertainty you've decided that saying I do on the beach in Kauai will be the ultimate in a destination wedding. Amidst all of the fun decisions of selecting a beach, and whether to go to the altar barefoot and adorned in colorful leis. There are the pragmatic governmental requirements that will require your attention. Here is what you need to know for a Hawaiian beach wedding. Obtain a Permit Accessing a permit on line is easy, just click here. The good news is that everyone who applies and follows the DLNR's requirements will receive a permit for a beach wedding. The form is straightforward, … [Read more...]

Learn Not To Burn | Hot Fun in the Summertime

Water sports are a popular Poipu Beach activity

Man it's hot one, like 7 inches from the midday sun.... Like that popular song from a few years ago we can already feel the intensity of the sun in late May here in Kauai Hawaii. Our Spring is typically short. One day cool with remnants of the last winter rains only to be fooled the following day by fierce death rays. As if our earth repositioned itself overnight, exposing its sensitive side to the brightest star in our solar system. It's a capricious heat too. With our cooling trades whisking away any moisture from your skin you can hardly feel the sun's rays. Hey, I know it's an important reason that you came to … [Read more...]

The Haena to Hanalei Fun Run | Best Things to do in Kauai

Haena to Hanalei Road Race

The 31st annual Haena to Hanalei Fun Run/Walk was held June 2, 2012. This 8 mile trek has to be one of the most scenic runs in the world. Sponsored by the Hanalei Canoe Club, this well organized and well executed run/walk is fun for the whole family. There is the actual walk/run that is 8 miles from Haena to Hanalei and a 5K for the less motivated and a 1K for the kids. The hills are a long grueling grade but you have the downs as well as the ups. The ocean scenery is so stunning the entire way you forget that “Hey , I am in a serious race and I want to win”. You cannot help but be distracted by the ocean … [Read more...]

Best Things To Do in June | Fun on Kauai

The Suites offer luxury affordable poipu beach rentals with oceaviews and deep plunge jacuzzi

It will be a busy month of June here in Kauai Hawaii. School is complete and the families will arrive with kids in tow. The universal question that all parents have is, how do we keep the kids entertained. We're here to help with our monthly activities guide for the Garden Island. June 1, 8, 30 Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar and Ukulele Celebration at the Kauai Village (near Safeway) 4-6pm except on the 30th 5-7pm. Honoring some great local music icons on the 8th celebrating Herb Kane and on the 30th Hawaiian cowboy music. June 1, 8, 30 Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar and Ukulele Celebration at the Kauai Village (near … [Read more...]

Best Things To Do in May | Kauai Festivals

romantic hawaiian getaway

Planning a last minute romantic getaway to Kauai Hawaii? Terrific! here is a list of the best things to do in May. From Kauai festivals to cultural events, fun outings and hikes all celebrating this special island that we call home. May 4 Na Lei Hiwahiwa Elima at the Kauai Beach Resort, 808.246-2111 for tickets, 6-9pm. A May Day celebration like no other that you have experienced. The Hawaiians celebrate this annual event with all the colors and splendor of our island. Contemporary Hawaiian entertainment will accompany the beauty of the lei. St. Catherine School Carnival 5-11 pm May 4 and May 5 on the campus. … [Read more...]

The 2012 Kauai World Challenge Canoe Race

Ocean kayak is a great thing to do in kauai hawaii

One of the best things to do in Kauai is try your hand at kayaking on one of our serene and enchanting streams such as the Huilea in Hanalei or the Kapaa Stream. Another great choice is cruising the Wailua river as it turns and cuts back on itself, in a path carved by a millenia worth of rainfall. For the more adventurous ocean canoe racing may be just the adrenaline rush required before tackling a few ginger martinis or beers later in the day. Ocean canoe racing is gaining in popularity around the world, it offers the participant the thrill of riding waves and the introspection required of a long distance … [Read more...]

The 2012 Prince Kuhio Commemorative Ceremony

Best thing to do in Hawaii

All week we had been expecting rain with a possibility of thunderstorms predicted for the state, perhaps throwing a wet rag on the upcoming commemorative ceremony for the 2012 Prince Kuhio Festival. Like an unwanted but expected guest, you rehearse encounters at their upcoming arrival and none of them are good. Perhaps it was self inflicted anxiety. After 31 years here I should know to treat the television weather reports with a degree of uncertainty. Reports tend to focus on the island of Oahu, and even though we are only 100 nautical miles from the island, Kauai weather can be quite fickle. With seven micro … [Read more...]

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