Walking into Kauai’s Agricultural Past | Ancient Hawaiian Farming

sustainable farming

Bob and Linda approached me as they were wiping splotches of ferrous red Kokee mud from the fender of their blue Jeep. "Don't want to get stuck with an additional cleaning fee from Hertz", he sheepishly grinned. They had stayed 2 weeks with us in our Kauai vacation rental and it was sad for me to be saying Aloha. Finishing up he smiled cunningly and asked, "We have two hours before we depart, "What is the best thing to do on Kauai?" Knowing they had hiked all over the island I replied, "Why not take a walk into Kauai's agricultural past?" The advantages are the proximity to Turtle Cove Suites and an opportunity to … [Read more...]

Waipa Kalo Festival | Celebrating Hawaiian Culture

Celebrating Hawaiian Culture

The annual Waipa Kalo Festival ended today following a well attended weekend of activities, recipe sharing, and informative educational displays. Admittedly, it is one of the best things to do in Kauai Hawaii, if you wish to learn about this noble culture and the taro (Colocasia esculenta) plant that has for generations fortified the Hawaiian soul spiritually and nutritionally. This festival set in the ahupua'a (land division) of Waipa, just minutes from scenic Hanalei Town on the north shore of Kauai, welcomes everyone to learn about kalo, taro. This potato like vegetable was not only an important food staple, … [Read more...]

Kauai Coffee Harvest 2011

Best places Kauai coffee

Harvest has begun in full force for the largest coffee producer in the United States located here in Kauai Hawaii. Just a short drive from our Kauai vacation rentals in the sleepy town of Kalaheo, the coffee trees are heavily laden with beans that are known in the industry at this stage as 'cherries'. This harvest will be different for the company and the nearly 100 employees. Earlier this year parent company Alexander and Baldwin sold its subsidiary to the venerable Italian firm, Massimo Zannetti. Speculators believe that after nearly 24 years in the fickle coffee business, the major shareholders of A and B stock … [Read more...]

Best Things To Do On Kauai | All Aboard The Sugarcane Train

Ride the sugar train it is the best thing to do

If you are visiting the Garden Isle on the second Thursday of each month, you will have the opportunity to experience one of the best things to do on Kauai. Riding the last of Hawaii's sugarcane trains. Some of which are more than one hundred years old, the four narrow gauge locomotives were responsible for hauling millions of tons of sugarcane to the sugar mills for nearly 50 years. They are in remarkable condition which attests to the quality of their manufacture, and the hours of work by Hawaii railroad buffs to keep them running. A debt of gratitude and acknowledgement to her foresight must go to the late Ms. … [Read more...]

Things To Do On Kauai | Farmers Market

Best things to do on your romantic holiday

One of the best things to do on your romantic vacation on Kauai is to sample the local fruits and vegetables at the Sunshine Market. A great vacation experience is to step out of the ordinary and push your own boundaries and for some tasting new foods came be as eventful as landing on the moon. Even for me, after thirty years on Kauai I beam ear to ear when I find tropical fruits and vegetables that I have never tasted. Our local farmers market is the best place to explore for flowers, fruits, and vegetables, a real treat for your taste buds, and your wallet will smile also. To think that this Kauai mainstay may … [Read more...]

Salt Production An Ancient Tradition Continues On Kauai

hawaiian salt production

The Hawaiian Culture For Salt Production On Kauai, the Hawaiians of the Hanapepe Valley were the masters of salt production in ancient times. Today their ancestors are working the salt ponds and honoring this tradition that dates back to 500 AD. Most visitors to the area are unaware that quietly and without fanfare this practice continues adjacent to the beautiful crescent shaped beach they are lying upon at Salt Pond Beach Park. The Hanapepe Hawaiians would like it to remain that way. Perhaps it was an age old mistrust of outsiders that they have jealously guarded their craft and shared with only family … [Read more...]

New Uses For Former Sugar Lands on Kauai

Marginal lands planted with hardwood trees

In 1985 a group of agriculturalists with Amfac Sugar Co. were tasked with a study to evaluate alternate crops for company lands that were currently in sugarcane production. The results of the study were not very encouraging, what could be done with over 100,000 acres in sugar production if sugar was to experience a catastrophic event such as  loss of its agricultural subsidy. Vegetable production was ruled out, it was estimated that 300 acres of sweet corn could supply all of Oahu's annual needs, and 50 acres could satisfy it's needs for Broccoli. Small numbers when on Oahu at the time Amfac had many more acres to … [Read more...]

We’ve Got No Bananas Today


This is something you will never hear while you are on Kauai. From the backyard where that leaky faucet is of some use because it waters your banana plants, to the family farms in Wailua and WaimeaValley that grow a significant portion of the fruit eaten in the markets. Bananas are everywhere on Kauai. What’s fun for the visitor to Kauai is that they can sample many different varieties of banana with their taste and textural differences and compare them to probably the only variety of banana they have ever eaten, the Cavendish. The Cavendish, originally from southern China, represents 99% of the global export … [Read more...]

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