Best Places To Kiss | Hanakapiai Trail

Hiking Kauai is great for your romantic getaway.

In our series on best places to kiss on Kauai Hawaii we have been detailing great locales on the Garden Island that are perfect romantic getaways. Our goal is to provide scenic spots of uncompromising natural wonder that are the gems of Kauai. Understandably some of these getaways are for the more adventurous and it will be important that you know your physical limitations before embarking on some spots in our series. Mother Nature can be unforgiving in all her beauty and common sense is required. The Hanakapiai trail, the first two miles of the epic nearly eleven miles of the Kalalau trail along the Napali offers … [Read more...]

What To Do In Kauai

The Hawaiians communicate in their dance and song they speak of romance at wedding feasts. Our romance guide is located at our honeymoon vacation cottage.

The Best Things To Do On Kauai The best things to do on Kauai while on vacation is a popular theme and has been written about in more vacation guide books, pamphlets and rack cards than I care to ponder. Peppered with adjectives that would make a high school creative writing teacher beam. Writers' tossing words salad-like, such as, "Herculean ocean waves" or "sugary sandy beaches". In an attempt to paint a picture with words that has left me imagining something Salvador Dali would attempt if contracted to paint the pier in Hanalei. Some people create lists or will take my list and be quite obsessive about … [Read more...]

Hiking Kauai Along The Makawehi Sand Dunes

The Makawehi Sand Dunes of Kauai

One of my favorite things to do in Kauai during the Koloa Plantation Days celebration is to attend events that require hiking. When I can exercise and combine that with interesting 'in the field' lectures by recognized experts, it doesn't get much better than that for me. Experts like Dr. David Burney, a paleoenvironmentalist and the Director of Conservation at the National Tropical Botanical Garden (NTBG), and others who have dedicated their professional lives to the academic research of native Hawaiian plants. The Makawehi Sand Dunes hike fits the bill perfectly. It's is easily accessible from Keoneloa Bay … [Read more...]

A Day on the Honopu Trail

Napali Coast of Kauai as seen from the Honopu Trail

My Kauai hiking adventure activity this past Saturday began reading the online edition of The Garden Island, at 4 am. You may ask, What on earth are you doing awake at that hour? Perhaps its my years inĀ  sugarcane farming here on Kauai where for 9 months of the year the operation hummed 24/7 and field work started at 6am. Now, checking email and Facebook posts have replacedĀ  the logistics of transporting an 8 ton planter to the top of Hukipo Ridge overlooking the town of Waimea on the Westside of Kauai. Rising early is a comfortable vestige of my past, and crazy as it may sound to quite a number of people, I enjoy the … [Read more...]

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