Best Things To Do in October | Kauai Hikes

Hiking through the kiawe on our wat to Kipu Kai

October is chock full of great hikes here on the Garden Isle of Kauai. Getting to know the island on foot will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will take home with you. The citizens of Kauai Hawaii respect their aina (land) passionately and it is easy to see why. Verdant mountains that exhibit subtle variations of green that can be observed and reflected upon at a casual pace are why most of us locals take to the solitude of Kokee in the west and Sleeping Giant (Nonou) on our eastern side. Here is a list of fun Kauai Hikes sponsored by the Sierra Club of Hawaii a small donation is required. What I … [Read more...]

Best Things To Do In Hawaii | Kauai Hikes

Mokolea Point

The New Year began yesterday trumpeting majestically on active Northerly trade winds of at least blow you hat off speeds. Not to be outdone, thunderous roars by epic 25 foot waves heralded the January first in the normally placid Hanalei Bay. While one of my best things to do in Hawaii is to enjoy the calm, clear waters of Kauai, I turned my back to the ocean and half hiked, well more strolled to the start of the Okolehao Trail. While there are many great hikes on Kauai detailed in the many guide books written about this magical land I have compiled a list of Kauai hikes in January guided by the local Sierra Club. … [Read more...]

Hiking the Okolehao Trail | Kauai Hikes

Hiking in Kauai Hawaii

The start to the Okolehao Trail lies down a narrow picturesque road that leaves you wondering if you're trespassing along a private driveway. Between taro fields and the grassy bank of the Hanalei river that threatens to swallow your car with an errant turn. Posted warning signs of Children Playing, and Do Not Block Driveway, further convince you of your mistake. Don't surrender to these obstacles, continue on as you approach the Hanalei Wildlife Refuge. Native Hawaiian birds go about their routine oblivious to camera toting wildlife lovers. Tending to their clutches or searching for a meal of insects and algae in … [Read more...]

An Insider’s Guide When Visiting Poipu Kauai

The wine shop in Kauai

Knowing a few local tips makes the travel experience a great deal more enjoyable, and heck its fun sharing a great find with friends. Here are a few insider tips while visiting Poipu that I share with our guests at our Kauai vacation rentals. The Wine Shop This friendly and inviting old world style emporium of wine and spirits prides itself on stocking great wines from boutique vineyards around the world. Whatever your having for dinner they have great ideas to compliment the meal. Just going to the beach for the afternoon? Their beer offerings will delight and surprise the most jaundiced suds enthusiast. … [Read more...]

Epic Kauai Hikes

Kauai Adventure Club on the trail to Kipu Kai

The stars were aligned in perfect formation for me when The Kauai Adventure Club announced a hike beyond Mahaulepu Beach to Kipu Kai. Of all the epic Kauai hikes, this is a trek beyond the well traveled scenic south shore trail and it was held on a week day when most responsible people are working. The Kauai Adventure Club is a group of residents who have an affinity for hiking and Aloha and the members today ranged from 13 to 60 years young. Shipwrecks beach, adjacent to the Grand Hyatt Kauai, is a convenient starting point. There is ample parking, clean restrooms and water, all important elements to a great Kauai … [Read more...]

Best Things To Do in June | Fun on Kauai

The Suites offer luxury affordable poipu beach rentals with oceaviews and deep plunge jacuzzi

It will be a busy month of June here in Kauai Hawaii. School is complete and the families will arrive with kids in tow. The universal question that all parents have is, how do we keep the kids entertained. We're here to help with our monthly activities guide for the Garden Island. June 1, 8, 30 Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar and Ukulele Celebration at the Kauai Village (near Safeway) 4-6pm except on the 30th 5-7pm. Honoring some great local music icons on the 8th celebrating Herb Kane and on the 30th Hawaiian cowboy music. June 1, 8, 30 Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar and Ukulele Celebration at the Kauai Village (near … [Read more...]

Best Things To Do On Kauai In April

romantic honeymoon ideas in hawaii

Kauai Festivals, Events, Hikes, and Outings With Spring in full regalia the island of Kauai pulls out all the stops to embrace the new season. We have compiled a calendar of events, festivals and great hikes to consider prior to your arrival. Take time to plan, some of these best things to do on Kauai in April will fill quickly. April 1: The 9th Biannual Kauai Plant and Seed Exchange from 12pm to 7pm next to Papaya's Whole Food in Kapaa. Although you will not be able to bring back seeds from Kauai to the mainland there is still plenty to experience at this event. Presentations on Hawaiian herbal medicine and the … [Read more...]

Walking into Kauai’s Agricultural Past | Ancient Hawaiian Farming

sustainable farming

Bob and Linda approached me as they were wiping splotches of ferrous red Kokee mud from the fender of their blue Jeep. "Don't want to get stuck with an additional cleaning fee from Hertz", he sheepishly grinned. They had stayed 2 weeks with us in our Kauai vacation rental and it was sad for me to be saying Aloha. Finishing up he smiled cunningly and asked, "We have two hours before we depart, "What is the best thing to do on Kauai?" Knowing they had hiked all over the island I replied, "Why not take a walk into Kauai's agricultural past?" The advantages are the proximity to Turtle Cove Suites and an opportunity to … [Read more...]

A Mahaulepu Moonrise Hike | Best Things To Do In Kauai

Best Kauai beaches

I admit, there is a deep sense of satisfaction when I can keep my husband off balance. The look on his face when he hears an unexpected answer to his question is priceless. Mouth agape, eyebrows arched, followed by a bewildered stare into space. Oh, he does come back but I have never seen a re-entry in under 30 minutes. That's exactly how it transpired when I answered yes to a moonrise hike along the south coast of Kauai Hawaii with the Sierra Club. It was billed as a late afternoon hike along the majestic coastline of the Mahaulepu Trail to watch the moonrise, and to observe the whales. As it turned out it was … [Read more...]

Hike Kauai | Honeymoon Ideas In Hawaii

Best places in Hawaii for a honeymoon

Hiking in Kauai is one of the best things to do of all the great activities that are available to the visitor here on the island. If you are here on a romantic honeymoon or simply a Hawaiian getaway you will be seeing the best of Kauai. Experiencing the road less traveled, the aura, romance, and mystique of hidden Kauai still energizes us even after 30 years. Somehow the air is different, the manner in which the light filters through the ancient Kukui trees, playing off giant vines entangled in its canopy hundreds of feet above the trail. It reminds me of a cathedral that could only be created by mother nature, … [Read more...]

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