The 20th Anniversary of Hurricane Iniki Hitting Kauai

Hurricane Iniki and Kauai

The sun rise broke this morning to reveal a blue sky and a smattering of gray clouds hugging the peak of Mt. Haupu. The clouds were not water laden and they would dissipate by mid morning, chased away by a bright sun and gentle trade winds that Kauai Hawaii is known for. So unlike that September day 20 years ago when the Garden Island was devastated by winds that peaked at 223 MPH. Memories return like a boomerang that I thought were flung far from the spot where I am standing, here in the backyard of our Kauai vacation rentals. The storm started days earlier than September 11, 1992. Mapping the tropical depression … [Read more...]

Prince Kuhio Celebration | Events Schedule 2012

In Honor of the Gentleman Price

The Prince Kuhio Celebration is just days away beginning on March 11, 2012. The celebration has expanded this year to 14 days of entertainment and great things to do in the Poipu Beach area. Here is our events schedule for your convenience: Pacific International Free Diving and Spearfishing Championships Sunday March 11 through Friday March 16, 2012 This event is new this year. Kauai will host teams from Australia, New Zealand, Guam, New Caledonia, and Tahiti. Catch the Awards Banquet at Joe's on the Green on Friday March 16 at 5pm Prince Kuhio Rodeo Sunday March 18 at CJM Stables at 10am This popular event … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Dictionary | Going Native on Kauai

The Hawaiian Language Flourishes On Kauai

Hawaiian Phrases To Use On Your Vacation Soon enough when you are on Kauai Hawaii you will realize the that locals intersperse the Hawaiian language in their English sentences and speak their own special dialect called "Pidgin English" or sometimes called, "Broken English". It's even more common once you leave the main island of Oahu and head over to Kauai where it is more rural and there is the largest population of native Hawaiian speakers in the islands. Do not panic if at first... or second you don't understand what is being said, just ask. "Sorry I nevah catch what you been say". Not unlike many … [Read more...]

What’s With All These Chickens In Kauai Hawaii?

Fresh Chicken

A question that I hear weekly by visitors to Turtle Cove Suites has nothing to do with the proximity to the beach nor whale sightings. But, whats up with all these chickens here in Kauai? A great question, and while we have residents who adore the scrawny, colorful creatures, there are quite a number of us who believe they look best alongside carrots and potatoes in a nice winter stew, and not in our parks. Our post last week highlighted endangered coastal birds of Kauai and their struggles to maintain a foothold in their native habitat. No such trial for the common chicken. Chickens have been here a long time and … [Read more...]

Kauai Vacation Rentals | Best Amenities

A Pool Is Listed As A Top Amenity In The Trip Advisor Survey

The evolution of the Kauai vacation rental industry in the past twenty years has been remarkable. From a fledgling rental start up prior to 1994 to a mature vacation accommodation industry today. It's rise in popularity is due to the many choices that are offered that can not be found in traditional hotels. In fact, a recent Trip Advisor survey reported that 42% of all respondents believed that a vacation rental offered more amenities than a traditional hotel. Our Kauai vacation rental beginnings were prompted by an unlikely source, the General Manager of the Grand Hyatt Kauai. Following the mandatory remodel … [Read more...]

Kauai Paddle Fest 2011 At Poipu Beach

hawaiian canoes heading for shore

Of all the water sports activities associated with Kauai Hawaii, outrigger canoe paddling ranks near the top of the list that one immediately associates with the Island lifestyle. Arguably so, advocates of surfing would list this Sport of Kings as the most identifiable Hawaiian water sports activity in the world. OK, I can not deny this, a few weeks ago I was in the interior of Turkey telling someone that I called Kauai, Hawaii home. He smiled and crouched down as if balancing on a board and screamed "surfing" ! Outrigger canoe paddling is an important part of Polynesian history and like surfing is gaining … [Read more...]

Kauai History: The Garden Island

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Kauai, Hawaii the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain is approximately 6 million years old and was formed by the tectonic Pacific plate passing over a 'hotspot' in the earths lithosphere. Kauai is the top of an enormous volcano that collapsed millions of years ago. This tectonic union created over 137 islands in the chain. The chain of islands is 1836 miles in length and runs from the Island of Hawaii in the east to Kure atoll in the Northwest. A total of 130 volcanoes were created of which four are active and located at the eastern end of the chain at the island of Hawaii. Kauai, has a long and epic history since … [Read more...]

Salt Production An Ancient Tradition Continues On Kauai

hawaiian salt production

The Hawaiian Culture For Salt Production On Kauai, the Hawaiians of the Hanapepe Valley were the masters of salt production in ancient times. Today their ancestors are working the salt ponds and honoring this tradition that dates back to 500 AD. Most visitors to the area are unaware that quietly and without fanfare this practice continues adjacent to the beautiful crescent shaped beach they are lying upon at Salt Pond Beach Park. The Hanapepe Hawaiians would like it to remain that way. Perhaps it was an age old mistrust of outsiders that they have jealously guarded their craft and shared with only family … [Read more...]

Tapa Cloth in the Pacific Islands

the pillowtop king size bed in the master bed room

  In our Mana Suite, a special Poipu Beach vacation rental, we have had many wonderful comments about the unique 72" by 83"  framed art piece that is hung on the interior south wall of the Suite. It is unusual to see a piece that large framed but it works beautifully in the Suite because of the 12' coffered ceiling adding such volume to the Suite. The piece was given to me by the village chief where I spent part of my Peace Corps years in Fiji. In Pacific Island cultures the giving of 'Masi", as it is known in Fijian, or "Kapa" as it is known in Hawaiian, is a form of respect and an important gift to … [Read more...]

The 2011 Prince Kuhio Celebration

hawaiian kings poipu photo by joe sylvester

    Turtle Cove Suites, our Poipu Beach vacation rentals are in the heart of the Prince Kuhio Celebrations each year with most of the venues within walking distance. The celebration began on March 19 with the 42nd annual Prince Kuhio Long Distance Canoe Race from Kalapaki Bay to Poipu Beach. The start was delayed by 30 minutes so that conditions could be assessed, but here in Hawaii that is considered right on time. The sixteen sleek fiberglass canoes went out quickly into Kalapaki Bay and once out of the protected waters of the Bay they encountered strong 20 knot winds and 6-8 foot swells. Heading … [Read more...]

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