Hawaiian Christmas | Things To Do On Kauai

Best things to do in hawaii

Christmas in the islands is a very special time of the year for a Hawaiian vacation. It may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of the festive holiday season, after all, where is that pile of snow outside your front door? There are so many great things to do on Kauai if you are fortunate to spend a Hawaiian Christmas vacation with us. Hawaiians love to celebrate, and Christmas is no exception. Perhaps its because they have a lot of catching up to do. It wasn't until 1820 when Hawaiians first began celebrating this festive season. Kauai puts its best foot forward during the holidays brushing … [Read more...]

Waipa Kalo Festival | Celebrating Hawaiian Culture

Celebrating Hawaiian Culture

The annual Waipa Kalo Festival ended today following a well attended weekend of activities, recipe sharing, and informative educational displays. Admittedly, it is one of the best things to do in Kauai Hawaii, if you wish to learn about this noble culture and the taro (Colocasia esculenta) plant that has for generations fortified the Hawaiian soul spiritually and nutritionally. This festival set in the ahupua'a (land division) of Waipa, just minutes from scenic Hanalei Town on the north shore of Kauai, welcomes everyone to learn about kalo, taro. This potato like vegetable was not only an important food staple, … [Read more...]

Things To Do On Kauai In December | New Years Celebration

Things to do in kauai

Kauai Festivals and Events Where did the year go? I continue to ask myself, as I tap out our best things to do in Kauai event calendar, already six days into the month. December is a time of the year to find events where you can rub shoulders with the local residents and learn a great deal about contemporary Kauai. The "locals", already a friendly sort, are even more excited at this time of the year. Perhaps it's anticipation of the winter surf, the big wave riders checking tidal charts, along with local fisherman, who know that the highest prices for ahi tuna is during the Christmas season, are both smiling a bit … [Read more...]

Things To Do On Kauai | October – November

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What Is There To Do On Kauai? Here is the answer to that age old question. We have included year round happenings along with the annual cultural events and charity events that have become important to us local residents. We have included phone numbers so that you can call the event organizers for the exact date. As always if we can be of assistance we will be glad to assist. It is an opportunity to rub shoulders with the residents and help serve a great charitable cause. GARDEN ISLAND ARTISAN FAIRE Over 40 Artisans from Kaua'i showcase an array of handcrafted products from Kaua'i and Polynesia. Hawaiian music … [Read more...]

Coconut Festival | What To Do In Kauai

Kauai events like the coconut festival are what to do on kauai

This past weekend marked the 15th anniversary of one of the great things to do in Kauai Hawaii. The Coconut Festival is held each year in the charming town of Kapa'a to celebrate all things coconut. Hosted by the Kapa'a business community it has become the premier Fall happening on the Kauai festival calendar. This two day event highlights one of the most important plant species in the world that touches almost everyone's life on the planet. Started by the effervescent Bob Bartolo, a long time member and director of the Kapa'a Business Association in 1996 as a way to promote the importance of Kauai's coconut coast … [Read more...]

Humpback Whales | An Island Treasure

Spotting whales is a great thing to do on kauai

They're back! Just like clockwork traveling to their own internal schedule the first humpback whales have returned to the Hawaiian islands, spotted off the island of Hawaii about 14 nautical miles south of Kailua-Kona in late September and off the coast of Kauai on October 2nd. This years sighting of two juveniles was several weeks earlier than last year when the first humpback was spotted off the coast of Maui on October 20. In our winter season, whale watching from the beach or on the deck of a charter boat is one of the best things to do in Kauai. Generally whale season runs from November through May but it is … [Read more...]

Kauai Marathon Running, Love and Aloha

Another Kauai Marathon Winner

The stage was set for the Kauai Hawaii running world with its third annual marathon. A thought kept turning in my head, was it even possible to be competitive or be concerned with 'personal bests' in a venue such as this? A setting that naturally evokes ooohs and aaahs, and has taken the travel industry by storm as one of the best places to kiss. Yes, that's what I was thinking when I fell asleep. Well before most people were awake, the Kauai air was clear and the stars were putting on a show in the pre dawn sky. I looked up at the alarm and sure enough four am had sprinted to the finish the line, I nudged my wife … [Read more...]

Kauai Paddle Fest 2011 At Poipu Beach

hawaiian canoes heading for shore

Of all the water sports activities associated with Kauai Hawaii, outrigger canoe paddling ranks near the top of the list that one immediately associates with the Island lifestyle. Arguably so, advocates of surfing would list this Sport of Kings as the most identifiable Hawaiian water sports activity in the world. OK, I can not deny this, a few weeks ago I was in the interior of Turkey telling someone that I called Kauai, Hawaii home. He smiled and crouched down as if balancing on a board and screamed "surfing" ! Outrigger canoe paddling is an important part of Polynesian history and like surfing is gaining … [Read more...]

Koloa Plantation Days 2011

Best thing to do on Kauai

One of the best things to do on Kauai in mid July is to attend the annual Koloa Plantation Days celebration. I am biased I'll admit, its a time when a great number of former sugarcane plantation workers are gathered in one place and between great events and shows we can share a few stories about 'the good old days'. With this being the 26th annual event our stories are becoming as tall as the smokestack at the McBryde Sugar Mill. It's a chance to celebrate the many cultures that came to the island where Hawaiian sugarcane production started in 1835, bringing with them their dress, foods, and music. The … [Read more...]

Buddhist Tradition In Kauai

Cultural activities in Kauai are available for all ages

Things to do in Kauai include the opportunity to see Japanese culture. The Obon festival season started in earnest with the first festival on June 3rd at the Waimea Higashi Hongwanji and will be held at various temples around the Island. Based upon the solar calendar it was held June 10th at the Hanapepe Hongwanji and will continue on Kauai until August. This ancient Buddhist practice was brought to Hawaii with the first Japanese immigrants that came here in 1882 to work the sugar plantations that were expanding to meet the U.S. demand for sugar. Sugar companies did not discourage the immigrants from practicing … [Read more...]

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