Best Things To Do in October | Kauai Hikes

Hiking through the kiawe on our wat to Kipu Kai

October is chock full of great hikes here on the Garden Isle of Kauai. Getting to know the island on foot will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will take home with you. The citizens of Kauai Hawaii respect their aina (land) passionately and it is easy to see why. Verdant mountains that exhibit subtle variations of green that can be observed and reflected upon at a casual pace are why most of us locals take to the solitude of Kokee in the west and Sleeping Giant (Nonou) on our eastern side. Here is a list of fun Kauai Hikes sponsored by the Sierra Club of Hawaii a small donation is required. What I … [Read more...]

Koloa Rum Celebrates its Fourth Anniversary

Drinking rum is must thing to do on Kauai

What would a tropical island like Kauai be without rum? Images of English and American whaler ships entering tiny Keawaloa Bay only steps from our Ocean Suite dance merrily in my head. Native girls and guys swimming out to greet the ship laden with their bounty. Fast forward to 2013 as I sit on the lanai with a cold glass swirling with color and Kauai's finest libation, Koloa Rum, the signature drink of the Garden Isle. Watching the Kukuiula Canoe Club stroke past the house, all six paddlers pulling in unison. Effortlessly. Everyone is welcome to the three day event held on the grounds of Kilohana … [Read more...]

Best Things To Do In Hawaii | Kauai Hikes

Mokolea Point

The New Year began yesterday trumpeting majestically on active Northerly trade winds of at least blow you hat off speeds. Not to be outdone, thunderous roars by epic 25 foot waves heralded the January first in the normally placid Hanalei Bay. While one of my best things to do in Hawaii is to enjoy the calm, clear waters of Kauai, I turned my back to the ocean and half hiked, well more strolled to the start of the Okolehao Trail. While there are many great hikes on Kauai detailed in the many guide books written about this magical land I have compiled a list of Kauai hikes in January guided by the local Sierra Club. … [Read more...]

Opening Day of National Wildlife Refuge Week | Kilauea Point

Kilauea Point Kauai , Hawaii

The opening day of National Wildlife Refuge week at Kilauea Point could not have been more glorious. The sun shone brightly and the cloudless sky above the 203 acre refuge showcased its winged residents with tours and learning tents, as they sailed effortlessly on unseen trade winds. Every year in October the US Fish and Wildlife proudly celebrates our 556 wildlife refuges throughout the country. It is wonderful opportunity for the department to educate the public on the great work that is being accomplished to preserve native flora and fauna. And to highlight challenges and how the community can help by being … [Read more...]

Kilauea Point | National Wildlife Refuge Week

Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii

One of the best things to do in Kauai is to visit the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge in the storybook town of Kilauea. From Lihue, just head north on Kuhio Highway about 24 miles and turn on to Kolo Road and then take the first left onto Kilauea Road. This straight and narrow road will lead to the Kilauea Point Lighthouse and the starting point for an epic afternoon adventure. We hope you will be visiting the island between October 14 - 21, if so, make a special afternoon at the Kilauea Point NWR. This is when the US Fish and Wildlife Department celebrates National Wildlife Refuge week here on Kauai and at … [Read more...]

Commercial Activity on Kauai Beaches

Kauai beaches

How do we balance commercial activities in public areas where visitors and residents flock to enjoy the scenic wonders of Kauai Hawaii? This is the challenge that Lenny Rapozo and the Department of Parks and Recreation are tasked with. Recently Rapozo and his staff have brought forth recommendations to do just that in one of the most visited of Kauai's public parks. Until the Federal court decision in June that allowed local governments to regulate commercial activities in public spaces it was impossible to get a permit from the County to offer beach activities to visitors in Kauai. The County was simply dead set … [Read more...]

High Surf Advisory | Big Waves Hit Kauai

Classic surf photo

The first northerly swell of the 2012 winter season has arrived. Welcome relief to all the big wave riders that have seen a less than spectacular summer surf season on the southern shores of Kauai Hawaii. While calm ocean conditions are ideal for snorkelers and the majority of visitors to the island, it's the big waves of Kauai that many local surfers pray for. Legendary surf spots with names like Hanalei Bay, Cannons and Dump Trucks, where exposed outside reefs see the largest waves, some in the 15-18 feet range today. Kalihiwai saw big waves generated from this North by North West swell too, an ocean surge that … [Read more...]

Great Airfare Deals to Kauai | October 2012

Kilauea Lighthouse will mark its centennial next year

Hawaiian and Alaska Airlines announced great airfare specials through October 2012, of note they are limited to a specific number of seats so act quickly. Hawaiian is offering: Seattle to Kauai for $195 each way Los Angeles to Kauai for just $184 each way San Jose to Kauai for just $161 each way Oakland to Kauai for $155 each way Portland to Kauai for $182 each way Alaska Airlines is offering: San Jose to Kauai for $155 each way Oakland to Kauai for $149 each way There is so many great things to do in October here on the island. The Cowboy Slack Key Guitar and Ukulele Concert will be happening … [Read more...]

Kauai Marathon 2012

Kauai Marathon 2012 Start

The pre dawn sky just an hour before the start of the Kauai Marathon twinkled majestically over the South Shore. The constellation Taurus spread out across the sky with points of its horn competing with a moon that only days earlier was in a blue phase. I wondered how many of the participants at this years race were dreaming of Hawaiian skies and gentle trades when there was a formidable challenge in front of them. How does one prepare? Pre race rituals are as varied as body types. Some stretching newly awoken muscles in an effort to kick start tired tendons. While others were at the buffet line downing coffee and … [Read more...]

Zipping Above the Treetops with Koloa Zipline

zip line kauai

Kauai ATV, the premier adventure company on Kauai for the past 15 years has added zipline tours to their list of adrenaline pumping, fun for the entire family, menu of thrilling activities. Their newest offering is Koloa Zipline. It is an unforgettable experience soaring in a mountain rain forest high above Poipu, and easily one of the best things to do in Kauai. Their latest venture is exciting for the hospitality community of Poipu Kauai too. Another heart pounding activity close to world class Kauai accommodations. Now it's possible to schedule a 9 am launch in a lush tropical forest and be on the beach at … [Read more...]

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