An Update on Dealing With Solid Waste in Kauai

Endangered Hawaiian coastal birds

July 31, 2012 Update As the wrangling continues it appears inevitable that the site of the new Kauai landfill or recycle center will be Ma'alo. But it comes at quite a price. A recent study... yes one more please, details the pros and cons of Ma'alo which is located 2.5 miles north of Lihue. The plus is that it is centrally located on the island, has a low nuisance factor, it is situated at a distance from any communities. Additionally there is no active agricultural pursuits on this site. This was a contentious point in 4 other sites selected by an independent study in 2010 and a major sticking point with … [Read more...]

Protecting the Hawaiian Monk Seal

Monk Seals at Rest

A decision by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to define areas around the main Hawaiian islands for the protection of the Hawaiian Monk Seal has been delayed for 6 months to permit public comments. The delay was self imposed by the agency who will be responsible for designating area around Hawaii's most populated islands for Seal protection. They have promised a decision no later than December 2, 2012. The push by environmental groups to create protected areas for the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal has been a unifying mission. One of the rarest mammals in the world with an estimated population of … [Read more...]

A Grand Plan for McBryde Gardens in Poipu Beach

Romantic things to do

If you have visited the National Tropical Botanical Garden's (NTBG) McBryde Garden lately you have seen a whirlwind of activity from new plantings to the roar of heavy equipment improving and creating trails deep into the reserve. All this energy is focused on bringing greater accessibility and an increased understanding of the importance of tropical plants to the planet. If this will be your first visit, the Gardens are easy to reach from our Kauai vacation rental. Located on Lawai Road just a few yards before you reach Spouting Horn. The Visitor center offers a guided tour of Allerton Gardens which is the section … [Read more...]

The Future of Kauai Hawaii | Sharing a Sustainable Path

Kauai has 50 miles of black and white sand beaches find your faworite when you stay with us at our poipu beach vacation rentals

On a rain soaked evening at the Koloa Community Center our Mayor and staff shared their vision of a future for this island that embraces an enlightened approach to challenges that face our community. Admittedly, living on an island ones problems can seem more acute. Our issues are in our face and we sometimes trip over them. Perhaps that's a good thing. Like a leaky faucet that reminds you, I am not going away and you had better deal with it. I have highlighted a few topics discussed that will bring a better quality of life to the residents, and a better experience for visitors to Kauai Hawaii. Increase … [Read more...]

Menehune Fish Pond | Hawaiian History

Best things to do in Kauai

The ancient Hawaiians were really ahead of their time. They had the utmost respect for the natural order of their environment. Practicing sustainability long before modern man realized that the resources of this planet could not be exploited indefinitely without negative repercussions. For me, this an important historical reminder when I visit the Alekoko Fish Pond, more commonly known as the Menehune Fish Pond. The ancient peoples of this island practiced the values of pono, living righteously, with honor, morality, justice, virtue, and goodness. This translated to every aspect of their life and their relationship … [Read more...]

Reclaiming Wetlands For The Birds of Kauai Hawaii

Endangered Hawaiian coastal birds

This past week the Department of Land and Natural Resources announced the acquisition of 105 acres of former sugarcane land for a wetland sanctuary to protect endangered birds in the Mana coastal plain of Kauai Hawaii. This multi phase project will re-establish habitat sites that were long ago lost during sugarcane operations at Kekaha Sugar Co. The nearly 15,000 acres of land that comprise the Mana coastal plain stretches from the sleepy former sugar town of Kekaha to Polihale beach. It has a rich farming history. The land has been in production since the 1860's, first growing cotton to supply the north during … [Read more...]

Waipa Kalo Festival | Celebrating Hawaiian Culture

Celebrating Hawaiian Culture

The annual Waipa Kalo Festival ended today following a well attended weekend of activities, recipe sharing, and informative educational displays. Admittedly, it is one of the best things to do in Kauai Hawaii, if you wish to learn about this noble culture and the taro (Colocasia esculenta) plant that has for generations fortified the Hawaiian soul spiritually and nutritionally. This festival set in the ahupua'a (land division) of Waipa, just minutes from scenic Hanalei Town on the north shore of Kauai, welcomes everyone to learn about kalo, taro. This potato like vegetable was not only an important food staple, … [Read more...]

Best Things To Do In Kauai | Helping Habitat For Humanity

Our Poipu vacation rental assisting in housing

Sustainability is a hot issue here on Kauai Hawaii, focusing our attention on everything from alternative energy to food quality. Weaning our dependence upon less nutritious corporate food and supporting healthy alternatives that are grown locally. It's good for residents and visitors alike. Equally important to the island and the Kauai vacation rental industry is affordable sustainable housing. With home and land prices being out of reach for a significant segment of our population it is necessary for us to support both legislation and private enterprise trying to ease this burden. Our Poipu vacation rentals … [Read more...]

Dealing With Solid Waste on Kauai

Visit Hanalei it is a great romantic anniversary idea

Dealing with solid waste on Kauai is not something I want to tackle weekly, nor is it a topic that people are going to have an interest when they are searching for best things to do in Hawaii. However, it is an important fact of life, and one that is more acute when living on a mound of slowly degrading volcanic soil in the middle of the blue Pacific. This week our local officials informed us that our current landfill, located in Kekaha, may not have the 10 years remaining for our solid waste, as was previously thought, but in fact much less. This announcement has motivated the current administration to propose a … [Read more...]

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