Finding A Great Vacation Rental In Kauai Hawaii

Choosing the perfect Poipu vacation rental

Finally, you have decided to take that long overdue romantic vacation to Kauai Hawaii. The decision was easy. Three consecutive years of 'staycations', visiting relatives in the next county to see your mother-in-law's latest quilt, was just too much. Honestly, being confined to a home with more shades of pink than a Las Vegas night club, leaves you with a headache long after you've returned home. That is not a vacation my friends, that is work. As important as sleep, a vacation provides restorative qualities that renew and invigorate long after you have returned home. A Kauai vacation rental may have exactly what … [Read more...]

Best Things To Do In Kauai | Movie Star Trees

A Romantic Kauai honeymoon

I love trees. I loved climbing them as a kid, getting lost in the upper most branches looking down on unsuspecting parents that had crazy notions that I needed a bath. These same branches supporting my frame, also supported cool insect colonies, using the sugars as a food source, and cavities in the trunk for shelter. I was in awe of their size and the stateliness they could imbue on a landscape Only later as I pursued a degree in plant physiology did I begin to understand the remarkable adaptability of these giants. Yielding when necessary to conditions too large even for them, with the single purpose of survival. … [Read more...]

Things To Do On Kauai | Farmers Market

Best things to do on your romantic holiday

One of the best things to do on your romantic vacation on Kauai is to sample the local fruits and vegetables at the Sunshine Market. A great vacation experience is to step out of the ordinary and push your own boundaries and for some tasting new foods came be as eventful as landing on the moon. Even for me, after thirty years on Kauai I beam ear to ear when I find tropical fruits and vegetables that I have never tasted. Our local farmers market is the best place to explore for flowers, fruits, and vegetables, a real treat for your taste buds, and your wallet will smile also. To think that this Kauai mainstay may … [Read more...]

Kauai Dining | Tortilla Republic Best Mexican Restaurant

A Kauai restaurant with great Mexican food

Kauai dining has just gotten a bit brighter lately with the addition of another great restaurant in Poipu Beach. Tortilla Republic Grill and Margarita Bar, has opened its doors with little fanfare as just the ground floor casual dining section has opened. The venue for the only Mexican restaurant in Poipu is the new Kukuiula Village which continues to attract some of the best restaurants in Kauai. Good things come to those who wait..., as the quote begins, and has held its truth ever since President Lincoln wrote the words over one hundred years ago. Tortilla Republic was expected to open months earlier but … [Read more...]

Koloa Plantation Days 2011

Best thing to do on Kauai

One of the best things to do on Kauai in mid July is to attend the annual Koloa Plantation Days celebration. I am biased I'll admit, its a time when a great number of former sugarcane plantation workers are gathered in one place and between great events and shows we can share a few stories about 'the good old days'. With this being the 26th annual event our stories are becoming as tall as the smokestack at the McBryde Sugar Mill. It's a chance to celebrate the many cultures that came to the island where Hawaiian sugarcane production started in 1835, bringing with them their dress, foods, and music. The … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Luau Kauai Style

Some Of The Cast Of Luau Kalamaku

There are so many great things to do in Kauai that it can overwhelm the senses. I tend to ease into the tropical scene slowly but deliberately, shedding clothes that I had to wear on the mainland whether due to climatic conditions or social. Throw on the trunks and jump into the pool, swim a few laps to loosen muscles that were bound by that sport jacket I was wearing for the past three days. Wondering why it was so named since it is neither sporty nor a jacket, it does little to keep out the cold and you certainly can't play frisbee in it. This return home to Kauai was different, I brought back a handful of … [Read more...]

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