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Sustainability is a hot issue here on Kauai Hawaii, focusing our attention on everything from alternative energy to food quality. Weaning our dependence upon less nutritious corporate food and supporting healthy alternatives that are grown locally. It’s good for residents and visitors alike.

Equally important to the island and the Kauai vacation rental industry is affordable sustainable housing. With home and land prices being out of reach for a significant segment of our population it is necessary for us to support both legislation and private enterprise trying to ease this burden.

Helping Habitat for Humanity on Kauai

Kauai Board of Realtors Donates to Habitat for Humanity

Our Poipu vacation rentals support the goal of great organizations that give their time to rebuild homes and new environmentally efficient structures for the community. Set into the landscape around the island they offer families respect and a ‘leg up’ to break the cycle of homelessness for the next generation.

Here is a story of the great work people in our Community are doing for the less fortunate.

The Kauai Board of Realtors (KBR) focus this year is to involve the membership in giving back to the community. We have a scholarship program whereby this year $12,000 has been awarded to Kauai students. The KBR annually assists the County in putting on the Housing Fair to inform and educate Kauai residents about housing products and programs.

Today, Anne Dimock , Development Director for Habitat for Humanity, spoke to the KBR Board of Directors soliciting our support and assistance for their newest programs on Kauai. A partnership with the KBR was suggested and accepted unanimously by the KBR Board of Directors. The KBR membership will be asked to join Habitat in their construction efforts, fund raising and in promoting affordable decent housing for Kauai residents. The Habitat programs and future plans for Kauai that were eloquently presented by Habitat Director of Development Anne Dimmock, made a compelling argument that we had common interests and goals. We should be working together.

Habitat seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world. On Kauai, Hawaii, the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity, established in 1992 after Hurricane Iniki, has produced 106 homes and helped 505 people with affordable shelter.

Habitat has branched out into renovations and has just completed their first home renovationzeer in Kekaha. Projects are planned for 5 homes in Anahola and for 107 homes in Eleā€™ele. There will be more information to come as we plan and develop our partnership.

Let us know if you have helped with Habitat in your community. If you wish to donate time or money while you are visiting Kauai please contact the Habitat office at 808-335-0296. It is one of the best things to do on Kauai.

Turtle Cove Suites would like to thank Ms. F.Lee Morey for writing this article.

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