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Truth is that here in Kauai Hawaii there are so many best places to kiss that to do our readership justice this will be the first installment of my great romantic getaways web log. Our readers have widespread interests and to decide which was the best place to find a romantic spot for the day or the week was a task as formidable as counting all the coffee beans on an acre of land at the Kauai Coffee Company.

On your romantic getaway here is a best place to kiss

Best Places to Kiss on Kauai

For some the occasion may be a romantic anniversary dinner at Josselin’s Tapas restaurant. For others it could be in an area of Kauai so full of natural beauty that the only comparison that comes close to that is the person next to you. In someways this could be an easy task for yours truly. No pressure to select the best of all these great choices, not even the anxiety of creating a Top Ten list that are so popular now on line.

View The Multi Use path Ke Ala Hele Makalae in a larger map

Great places to kiss on Kauai

Cruising the Ke Ala Hele Makalae Path

Ke Ala Hele Makalae

This hiking multi-use path along our east side is a wonderful area for just the two of you to enjoy. It meanders along some of the prettiest scenery on the eastern shore of Kauai, if you are feeling adventurous rent a couple of mountain bikes and cruise the entire 4.1 miles of this trail as it starts from Kapaa town and heads north ending at Kuna Bay. Grab some great sandwiches to go from the food trucks adjacent to Otsuka’s Furniture and make a picnic.
We usually ride to the south end of Kealia Beach where there are less people and spend a couple of hours walking the shoreline and having lunch. This is not the best part of Kealia Beach to swim, the waves can be large and the currents strong. It is better to head towards the northern part of the beach to swim where there is a more protected area.

The south end of Kealia Beach is quiet and a great place to kiss

Kealia Beach is a Great Romantic Getaway

Tell us where your best place to kiss is on Kauai and we will write about it in future updates to this fun topic. Whether you are the adventurous type or not so adventurous, Kauai has everything for you. Hold hands and steal a kiss across the table at a romantic restaurant, or while doing a tandem zip line racing high atop the trees on a thousand feet cable, its here waiting for you.

Let us help, give us a call and we can tell you about some of our favorite things to do on Kauai.

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