Kilauea Lighthouse Face Lift Continues

Kilauea Lighthouse turns 100 next year

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has announced additional funds for the continued renovations to the Kilauea Lighthouse. This is great news for residents and visitors alike who will see the historic structure as it was designed in 1913. The monies made available will be directed at much needed repairs. The contract was awarded to McMillen LLC a family owned business who will sub contract out some of the work to local contractors. This work will continue the progress that was begun with the first phase of the restoration that also identified areas that need to be addressed to the now 99 year old structure. The … [Read more...]

Music, Moonlight and Romance in McBryde Garden

Fun at last years Moonlight and Music event for the NTBG

The stage is set for the 5th annual Moonlight and Music event in Poipu Kauai. The gala is hosted by the National Tropical Botanical Garden and it is their primary fundraising event for the year. Saturday August 25, 2012 is the date for this very special affair in the historic McBryde Garden under the moonlight. The evening begins at 6pm with tours into the Garden that will be dramatically lit to showcase this unique Kauai treasure. If you have only seen the Garden during a daylight tour you are in for a treat. The landscape lighting offers a dramatic perspective to this lush valley. Lights play off gnarly trunks … [Read more...]

Mango Season in Kauai

Buy fresh juicy mangoes at the sunshine market on Kauai

After thirty years in Kauai Hawaii I have long stopped referring to seasons of the year as main landers do in the northern climes. Our seasons do not portend pronounced climatic changes as are seen above the 30th parallel. They are more subtle and can catch you by surprise when you glance at a calendar or hear from a sister that the kids are a bit overwhelming and how she can't wait till the summer has ended. I tend to gauge seasons by organic changes in my surroundings and not by dates. Winters are defined more by the ocean, the monster waves begin invading our north shore 4-6 weeks before any winter solstice date. … [Read more...]


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Best Restaurants in Kauai | Where To Eat In Poipu

Tapa's Bar and Grill in Poipu

Produce a list of the best restaurants in Kauai and it will be received with skepticism by local residents who will defend their favorites with the aplomb of a preacher. Not surprisingly, where to eat in Poipu is a question most often asked by guests at our Kauai vacation rentals. I respond with, do you want something simple? Do you like fish? Or, is an ocean view important? This produces a blank stare and I soon realize I've asked too many questions to someone who has just arrived following a 6 hour flight. We completely understand the fuzziness and to help you decide where to eat in Poipu, here is our list of the … [Read more...]

Protecting the Hawaiian Monk Seal

Monk Seals at Rest

A decision by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to define areas around the main Hawaiian islands for the protection of the Hawaiian Monk Seal has been delayed for 6 months to permit public comments. The delay was self imposed by the agency who will be responsible for designating area around Hawaii's most populated islands for Seal protection. They have promised a decision no later than December 2, 2012. The push by environmental groups to create protected areas for the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal has been a unifying mission. One of the rarest mammals in the world with an estimated population of … [Read more...]

Kilauea Lighthouse Village

Kilauea Lighthouse village a new shopping center for Kilauea Kauai

Last night the Kauai Planning Commission green lighted a controversial project for the former sugar town of Kilauea. Known for its quaint cracker box style plantation homes that speaks of a bygone era when cane was king. With manicured yards that reveal a sense of pride in community and their shared history. My visceral reaction to the news was one of horror. Would the development burden the community with a significant increase in traffic, on a road that is long overdue for repair? Would we lose the originality and spirit that local businesses bring to a neighborhood? Exchanging them for cookie cutter national … [Read more...]

Epic Kauai Hikes

Kauai Adventure Club on the trail to Kipu Kai

The stars were aligned in perfect formation for me when The Kauai Adventure Club announced a hike beyond Mahaulepu Beach to Kipu Kai. Of all the epic Kauai hikes, this is a trek beyond the well traveled scenic south shore trail and it was held on a week day when most responsible people are working. The Kauai Adventure Club is a group of residents who have an affinity for hiking and Aloha and the members today ranged from 13 to 60 years young. Shipwrecks beach, adjacent to the Grand Hyatt Kauai, is a convenient starting point. There is ample parking, clean restrooms and water, all important elements to a great Kauai … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Wetland Birds Threatened

Eandangered Hawaiian birds

News reached us today that an outbreak of Avian botulism has reared its devastating head in Kanaha Pond Wildlife Sanctuary in Maui. The Forestry and Wildlife division, an arm of the Department of Land and Natural Resources, warned the State today. Asking all residents to be on the look out for symptoms of the disease in native Hawaiian wetland birds. Since this naturally occurring disease was identified last year, we at our Poipu rentals have been observing our two pairs of endangered Gallinule at our Kauai rentals that reside along the Waikomo Stream. The malady is a naturally occurring toxin in wetlands that … [Read more...]

Kauai County Defers Smoking Bill

Kauai County defers bill to ban smoking on the beach

With the tenacity equal only to a starving dog with a bone. The Coalition for a Tobacco Free Hawaii pushes on in its efforts to make all parks and beaches in Kauai smoke free. Kauai members of Tobacco Free Hawaii offered facts on the dangers of first and second hand smoking. There was no opposition in the room to the scientific data brought forth. Everyone was in agreement on the health issues and the litter caused by discarded cigaret butts in the sand and the water. Of note, there were two speakers opposed to the bill. A member of Open Spaces Kauai, who reserved her right to speak until the Council meets in … [Read more...]

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