An Insider’s Guide When Visiting Poipu Kauai

Knowing a few local tips makes the travel experience a great deal more enjoyable, and heck its fun sharing a great find with friends. Here are a few insider tips while visiting Poipu that I share with our guests at our Kauai vacation rentals.

The wine shop owners in Kauai

Dan and Elle O’Connell of the Wine Shop

The Wine Shop
This friendly and inviting old world style emporium of wine and spirits prides itself on stocking great wines from boutique vineyards around the world. Whatever your having for dinner they have great ideas to compliment the meal.

Just going to the beach for the afternoon? Their beer offerings will delight and surprise the most jaundiced suds enthusiast.

Here’s a tip. If you’re dining out in Poipu purchase a bottle of wine from Dan or Elle O’Connell. If you tell them where you’re dining you will receive a coupon that covers the restaurant corkage fee. Most eateries in Poipu honor the card and showing the card to your waiter could save you as much as $25 dollars at some restaurants.

Here’s a tip. The first Saturday of each month The Wine Shop hosts a tasting event from 4 – 7 pm. The food is great and the wines are always memorable. Dan’s philosophy is to highlight a group of wines from the same vineyard so that you can sample the Winemaster’s style of grape selection and blends. Typically the owner of the winery showcased or their representative is at the event to answer questions.

Kauai Hawaii is a great place to talk about wine

Let’s Talk Wine

I enjoy meeting reps from these small wineries. Typically they are family run operations where they are involved in all aspects of production. Watch a farmer’s face ease when the conversation is guided away from the flowery amplification of wine speak to discuss farming practices. You can feel the passion and the painstaking efforts it requires to turn a commodity into a work of art.

Tells us where your favorite place to eat in Poipu is. You can visit our Poipu Beach dining guide and map. to refresh your memory.

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